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Dave Rice and two other Rebels coaches get contracts approved by Board of Regents

Rice and women’s basketball coach Kathy Olivier are signed through the 2016-17 season; new softball coach Lisa Dodd gets 3-year deal


Christopher DeVargas

UNLV basketball coach Dave Rice hosts the inaugural “An Evening With Dave Rice,” which benefits the Dave Rice Foundation, on Friday, May 4, 2012. The foundation helps educate and support health initiatives concerning autism and other developmental disorders.

UNLV basketball coach Dave Rice received a five-year contract that keeps him signed through the 2016-17 season, it was announced Thursday.

The announcement came after the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents voted to approve Rice’s deal, along with contracts for women’s basketball coach Kathy Olivier and new softball coach Lisa Dodd. Like Rice, Olivier, who’s in her fifth year with the Lady Rebels, is also signed through the 2016-17 season. Dodd received a three-year contract.

“We are very happy with these contract approvals,” UNLV Athletic Director Jim Livengood said. “I would like to thank the Board of Regents and UNLV President Neal Smatresk for their continued support of UNLV Athletics and these three fine coaches, who are wonderful representatives for UNLV and our student-athletes.”

Rice is entering his second season leading the Rebels. In his debut, Rice went 26-7 and fell in the Rebels’ first game of the NCAA Tournament. Since then he and his staff polished off a top 10 recruiting class and enter the 2012-13 season with lofty expectations.

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  1. Are there any contract details for the coaches? As in, how much a a raise did Dave Rice get? I would hate for a big time program to come and money-whip the Rebels.

  2. Good deal.

  3. I don't know how worried I would be about that. DAve Rice has alle this job his "dream job." Also, if another program came in offering him a bunch of money, I think UNLV would make a big push to keep him, unlike the situation with Kruger when Oklahoma came calling.

  4. MikeLange, I agree. Kruger was at his apex; Rice is still moving steadily forward. UNLV would have to have an implosion wish if they let Rice get away.

  5. I think they should have waited to see what he did with this year's team. I felt he sputtered down the stretch last year. This year he has no excuses (well, other than some key injuries) so what if the team is only so so?

    Love the recruiting but gotta see the results...

  6. You work one year, win nothing, and get a 5-year extension on your contract??????

  7. Coach Rice and Olivier have done tremendous work (I don't know Dodd though, so I'm ignorant on that contract). This was the perfect time to extend and Rice has done a fantastic job not just recruiting, winning games, but doing things outside in the community.

  8. @liberalfromlv - won nothing? He was a first year coach and went 26-7. He has a top 10 recruiting class. Please tell me you're not one of those liberals that thinks it's unfair that Coach Rice makes more money than you. His job is risky. He could easily go 7-26 next year and be out of a job. What risk do you have? That you give somebody a medium fry, rather than a large, and your manager cuts your hours? Seriously people! UNLV understands a key point, if you want to keep key people, you don't wait for others to make an offer and then try to counter. You lock them up long before then. That's Business Management 101! Thank you to UNLV's leadership for understanding this fundamental concept! GO REBELS!!!

  9. They need to protect Augmon as well. Get him an extension. Keep the Rebel family together!

  10. Universities really hurt themselves when they financially commit to an individual that hasn't proven themselves yet.

  11. Very wise decision by The Regent's

  12. Does Coach Rice's salary get paid from state tax dollars? If so, I am curious what he costs me when budget shortfalls are causing classes and staff to get cut at the university. UNLV is still an academic institution, isn't it?

  13. vegasbike,

    Coach Rice costs YOU and UNLV absolutely nothing. In fact, he MAKES money for the University. What a novel idea, extending the contract of someone who is making money for the University? What have you done for UNLV lately? Pay your non-existent state income tax?

    Mr. Realist

  14. Wait, he has the same record as Kruger and gets ousted in the 1st round of the NCAA tourney in his first year and he gets a 5 yr extension? He couldn't even recruit the #1 HS player in the country when his OWN BROTHER coached him! This deserves a 5 yr extension? Just like Hauck's extension last year after no progress over the prior year? Do you see a pattern here? Rewarding people for no improvement is not only stupid, but it's going to cost the university many years of mediocrity and underperformance.

    In my opinion, Rice hasn't shown that he deserves a 5 yr extension. We should see what he does this year with an alleged "top 10 recruiting class".....LMAO Can't wait to hear the excuses if we don't improve over last year's record. The homers will come out in droves to blindly defend him.

    It sucks to be a Rebel alumnus right now.

  15. What do you know, the Board got something right for once. Go Rebels

  16. Good for you Coach, when a great many questioned you're hiring and coaching and recruiting skills you just keep going.
    Beat #1 ranked North Carolina..hell you made Roy Williams pull his team off the court early to avoid being stampeded.
    More national recognition in 1st year versus Bayno, Rollie, Spoonhour, Kruger
    Recruits coming to us.
    Huge surge in season ticket holders
    community activist
    keep it up!

  17. Hey Sinatra, do you think that maybe he stopped recruiting the #1 HS player in the country (he was actually the #2)? He is still being investigated by the NCAA. Do you think he is worth the NCAA sticking their noses into the program? I don't, I'm glad he is not here.

  18. Just ignore Sinatra. He just loves to troll. I haven't seen him say a single positive about UNLV or Las Vegas (except for his alma mater Bishop Gorman) since I've read the sun online.

    Everything is about all the "homers" who "blindly" support their teams. Yeah, what losers.

    Good for Rice. I personally like the guy.