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Rebels football:

Bobby Hauck struggles to explain UNLV’s 17-14 home loss to Northern Arizona

The Rebels led 14-0 at halftime, but the offense sputtered and the defense couldn’t get out of its own way as UNLV fell to 0-2


Sam Morris / Las Vegas Sun

UNLV head coach Bobby Hauck closes his eyes on the sidelines during the fourth quarter of their game against Northern Arizona Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012 at Sam Boyd Stadium. The Lumberjacks upset the Rebels 17-14.

UNLV vs. Northern Arizona

Northern Arizona lineman Trey Gilleo rushes to greet running back Zach Bauman after Bauman's touchdown during their game Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012 at Sam Boyd Stadium. The Division I-AA Lumberjacks upset the Rebels 17-14. Launch slideshow »

Bobby Hauck sat down, mostly speechless. He looked at the table, as if hoping the words might appear there, then took a deep breath and exhaled as he tried to process what had just happened.

On Saturday night, in a Sam Boyd Stadium that was more than half empty, UNLV lost 17-14 to Northern Arizona, a Division I-AA foe that Hauck went a perfect 7-0 against when he coached at Montana. It was NAU’s first victory against a Division I team since defeating Tulsa in 1987, and the Lumberjacks did it with sophomore quarterback Chase Cartwright making the first start of his career.

Last year UNLV (0-2) lost 41-16 to Southern Utah, another Division I-AA team. Hauck called that an “all-time bad” loss at the time. On Saturday, a year later, he justified that one by saying Southern Utah’s upper classmen were better than UNLV’s, which certainly could have been the course. This time, the Rebels were definitely the better team. Yet the result was the same.

When Hauck finally found some words, they were about all you could expect from a coach who just got run over by a truck, which then shifted into reverse and ran him over again just for good measure.

“I’m not sure what to say other than the fact I’m shocked at the moment,” Hauck said.

UNLV led most of the game. The Rebels came out on fire and their 14-0 lead at the break was the team’s first halftime shutout since a home game against Iowa State in 2008. That game went to overtime before UNLV was able to pull out the victory. This one looked destined for a similar end after NAU (1-1) took over at its own 14-yard line with the game tied and just 1:16 on the clock.

But almost nothing had gone right for the Rebels over the nearly three quarters leading to that moment, so at that point it wasn’t a shock when NAU marched down the field for a game-winning 33-yard field goal with just 12 seconds left.

The Lumberjacks seemed like they might be content playing for overtime, but on the first play running back Zach Bauman, who finished with 103 yards and a touchdown on 20 carries, found a hole on the left side and went for 25 yards. After that NAU went for the kill that UNLV left on the table since the second quarter, but the Lumberjacks couldn’t do it without some timely penalty help from the Rebels’ defense — Trent Allmang-Wilder’s hands-to-the-face call moved NAU into UNLV territory. He was hardly the only guilty party.

NAU’s first score was a 75-yard punt return touchdown on its first possession of the second half. Hauck said the punt outkicked UNLV’s coverage a bit and the first players who approached returner Austin Shanks failed to turn him toward the sideline as he streaked nearly untouched to the end zone. NAU’s second score wouldn’t have happened without UNLV’s help.

It started on the first play of the drive early in the fourth quarter, when freshman defensive back Fred Wilson was called for pass interference because he was face-guarding and never looked for the ball. Still, the drive would have stalled three plays later if not for junior cornerback Sidney Hodge’s pass interference on third and 10. It was Hodge’s second pass interference penalty and it seemed to jump start NAU, which would go on to convert a fourth down on its way to Bauman’s eight-yard touchdown run.

“That (punt return) should have been it, and it wasn’t,” Hauck said.

By that point UNLV’s once streaking offense was a shell of its former self.

At the beginning of the game running back Tim Cornett, who finished with a career high 141 yards on 25 carries, was easily carving up NAU’s defense. He scampered for a 42-yard touchdown less than five minutes into the game and the rout appeared to be on. But then nothing really happened.

Backup running back Bradley Randle dove in on fourth down from the 1 for UNLV’s other score early in the second quarter. Besides that, the offense went quiet.

“They made adjustments that really got to us,” Cornett said.

Added quarterback Nick Sherry, “They picked up on our calls.”

The play calling stayed pretty much the same in the second quarter, but when Cornett wasn’t carrying the ball it lacked the same firepower. And when he came back into the game in the third quarter he couldn’t find the same holes. More often than not it just looked like Cornett running into the back of his own lineman.

Sherry, who finished 16-of-29 for 239 yards, actually looked a lot better than last week and made some good throws down the stretch, but his receivers couldn’t match the effort. Several dropped passes derailed possible game-winning drives.

“We threw it successfully, but we’ve got to hang on to the ball,” Hauck said. “That’s probably the most aggravating thing to me is the drops. Those were all big plays in the game.”

As were a pair of special teams blunders. Ahead 14-0 in the second quarter, Hauck spurned a 42-yard field goal attempt for a fake that saw backup quarterback Caleb Herring, who may have had enough room to run for the first down, throw incomplete to defensive end (and former tight end) Jordan Sparkman.

Hauck said after the game he liked the call, just not the result. That sentiment probably also applies to Nolan Kohorst’s missed 30-yard field goal attempt early in the fourth quarter.

The kick would have put UNLV ahead 17-7, but it faded right and actually bent back the right upright as it bounced off the post and fell harmlessly to the turf.

After the game a bulk of the Rebels went straight for the locker room rather than shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries with the Lumberjacks. After two straight home heartbreakers they had had enough.

This Friday they face Washington State on ESPN and will try to avoid making this place their personal house of horrors. When asked what he said to the team after Saturday’s loss, Hauck said it was all the stuff about mistakes and not being good enough to win when they play poorly.

A little later Hauck remembered he had found more words than just that. He said he challenged them to start the season anew, a trick far easier for him to articulate than it is to complete.

“Winners will come back and play. People that give up on things won’t,” Hauck said. “I think we have enough character in our locker room that (we’ll say) ‘We’re 0-2, so be it. Let’s not be 0-3 next Friday night.’”

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  1. A sad, sad night. We continue to be out coached. They made the adjustments and for the second week in a row, we could not figure out 8 men in the box. Unfortunately our guys didn't have the killer instinct to finish the game, nor the common sense to not rack up STUPID penalties in the fourth quarter.

    (Anyone have Mike Leach's phone number?)

  2. Less attempted runs up the middle would be a start.

  3. and they want us to pay for a new stadium? That'd be for the Runnin Rebels right?

  4. when penn state outclasses you, you KNOW you are in trouble. keep paying the coach six figures, boneheads. that'll make things better!

  5. It's time to shut this football program down. UNLV needs to just focus all it's time, money, and effort on the basketball program and other sports programs. Every year UNLV does this. They play well against a bigger conference team (Wisconsin, Minnesota in recent years)which gives UNLV fans hope that the program is moving in the right direction and then they come out and have an embarrassing loss to a lesser team the very next week (Washington St, Northern Arizona). This team is showing no improvement and will likely be 2-11 again this year.

  6. If Livengoood does'nt fire Hauck this week he to deserves to lose his job. Local High school coaches have more creative play calling than this guy. This tean does'nt even know the fundamentals. They Can't tackle, they can't block, they can't catch....and this little team from AZ was in much better physical condition than the rebels. FIRE HAUCK NOW!!!! It can't get ant worse

  7. Start over? That is the same tripe Hauck has been spewing after every embarrassing loss.

    We never adjust and we never figure out how to stop making horrible penalties that cost us dearly.

    This is beyond sad!

  8. Usually when I log on here it is to try to say something positive about the UNLV football program. Now I can't.

    What an incredible bummer.

    No, wait...I found a positive: This game wasn't televised.

  9. "We didn't have the killer instinct to finish the game off." - "Coach" Hauck. this team will be lucky to win even one game this year. You cant blame unlv for hiring him and trying to find something special. It did not work. (4-23) with two loses to sub divison teams. Some of the worst loses in UNLV football have come under him. Time to cut the ties and let a intern coach try to play for a job next year and maybe win a couple games. No o line at all, d backs have to be the worst in the country.


    We should've never hired this guy to begin with! We gave him an extension last year......WHY?!

    This is very painful to watch. We need a new coaching staff.

  11. I am curious how much money Floyd Mayweather lost on Nebraska? Trying to re-coup the 2.9 million he lost on Bama Michigan...

  12. I think he gets paid around $350k a year.

    That has to be min. wage for a college Division 1-A football coach.

    Heck...I take the job. It can't get worst than this.

    I don't think UNLV has the budget beyond the min. wage.

    If you fire Hauck then you will get Hauck Jr.

    85% of a ollege football coach's job is the recuritment program. It you ain't got the players then you got nothing.

    Shut down one of the college programs and use that money to pay a higher salary for a better coach.

  13. We may need to hire a new AD who knows how to hire a qualified coach. Keep same AD, it would have been the same hiring process and same result.

  14. Agree with everyone that says the program should shut down. UNLV will never attract players that can compete with the big boys. If the players were talented they would have been snatched up by a good football program. Year after year it's the same thing. New coach every few years doesn't help. This is the definition of insanity.

  15. Lack the community sponsorship and UNLV support is one of the reasons. $350,000/year pay, get $350,000/year result. UNLV needs to pay bigger paycheck to hire a well known college coach.

  16. And then depression set in...

  17. A billion dollar stadium & retail center will fix all this.

  18. After defending Hauck for the last two years, I can't do it anymore.

    There's no excuse why UNLV can't win games against NAU, and SUU.

    It should almost be an instant firing at this point after losing to SUU, bottom feeder UNM on the road, and NAU in two seasons.

    The few fans that show up to these games deserve better.

  19. Hauck,

    You have completely lost YOUR players. When they were Sanford's players you used that as an excuse. They are yours. Your lack of leadership is so endemic to the program that YOUR players didn't even have the sportsmanship to congratulate the winning team. This speaks volumes to your stewardship of this "Team".

    You say that winners will come back and play..... are these the same winners that couldn't walk across the field....... If you couldn't or wouldn't bring yourself to criticizing that poor show of sportsmanship then YOU are the problem.

    I said in the past that I was happy when they hired you. You have a become a boat. The two happiest days of boat ownership are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. Everything in between just costs more money.

    Hauck you need to go away before UNLV imposes the death sentence on its own program.

  20. I'm done. I'm not buying anything else this man says. He cannot build a program. Three years in, and the Rebels lose to Northern Arizona. Last year they were hammered by Southern Utah. Both games were at home. One thing that spoke volumes to me: In the intro to the radio broadcast yesterday, the announcer mentioned a wide receiver who had transferred from UNLV to NAU. He had lettered at UNLV, but could not get playing time at NAU. This tells you the kind of talent that is being brought in. Hauck must still believe he is at Montana. They can have him back.

    UNLV would be at least a two-touchdown underdog to Bishop Gorman.

  21. Ive supported Hauck until the end.. but the end is NOW!

  22. I am absolutely stunned by what has happened here.

    I have supported Coach since he got here but last night was the final straw. It is one thing to loose to a team in a lesser division but it is another to loose after being up 2 touchdowns and then have the other team simply out coach and out play you. There are no fundamentals and I am so sick and tired of the stupid penalties! I swear this team is absent of any football knowledge. Only the coaching staff can own up to that. I felt things were coming apart after the SUU game last season. I hated to see the season end just 3 games in and now it looks like this season is over already after 2 games!

    Don't think that this just happens here though. There are plenty of programs that hire successful coaches and then find that it simply does not work for what ever reason. That being said, what do we do? Everyone is screaming for a new coach but are we really going to get anyone better for the amount of money? This is where I find fault with the community. Our alumni are absent from the games and more than likely don't contribute. The people of Las Vegas have no interest in the football program. I'm sure a lot of it is because of the fact that we have so many transients that have moved here over the past few decades. Look at the many comments from people who just say "Drop the program". People here just don't realize what benefit there is to having a university with successful athletic programs. Its sad to say this but the true way of getting recognition is to have a successful football program. The problem is the lack of support!! If you really want to get a big name coach then start donating to the football fund. If you want the best you have to pay for it. Don't be crying about the fact that we lost out on Mike Leach or any other higher profile coach. No way in hell would we have been able to pay that kind of money. Coach Hauck is the standard type of coach for what the university can afford to pay.

    Look at Nebraska. A hell hole of a location out in the middle of nowhere but they have a ton of support from the fans. Same thing with Boise State, Oregon. The fact that this is the only higher level football game in town and with the amount of people here really shocks me when it comes to donating. Yes, I blame the community a lot for this. This is college! Show some pride and invest in its program! No universtiy today can afford big name coaches with out its donor base. Look at the amount of big bucks given to Gorman. The result, a highly successful football program. Its as simple as this, you want a kick-ass football team, support it!

  23. UNLV doen`t belong to WAC a Div 1 Conference getting beat by a 1AA weakling, next level down is JuCos, and they want to build a Big Stadium on Campus to fill it with 99% protesters AKA derelicts, free loaders, trash , addicts, maniacs with 1/1000 of a flea brain. Ridiculous, waste.

  24. @Rebelheart: The difference between UNLV and the programs you mentioned is that most of the people around those other programs grew up in the area and have been fans since they were children. Las Vegas is largely transplants. In my own case, I attended two major universities - both of which I donate to annually. My only affiliation with UNLV is sharing a city with them.

  25. Told ya so there homers, about time you started calling for the firing of this knucklehead. Wait till next week when you are blown away on national TV.. I am selling pitch forks! Time we get a new coach who actually cares about the program ! Lets turn things around it is not too late!

  26. I heard a district court judge offered a punishment choice to a convicted felon, 6 months in county jail or attend a UNLV football game.

    He chose jail.

  27. Not gonna demand we drop football-that is comming from tansients to Vegas that are happy to see UNLV fail. Don't think we should chase Hauk out of town either. This will be week to week and let's see if the players give the effort against WAZU. These guys just don't know how to win yet. There is some inmprovement from last year,there is a difference. Coaches need to make better adjustments. UNLV using a USC style offense were you rush the ball in a two tight end or two rb's set and then use play action to set up pass-is really hard if you don't have blue chip athletes,although Sanford could not win using a spread either. The Rebels are more physical and larger than years past is only positive we can see, but we need to chill and realize this is a 5 year project,can't just keep revolving new coaches in and out. Just relax until basketball starts and direct anger at election year politics until then.

  28. I'm in Montana & a lifelong Griz fan. I posted once here last year after the Southern Utah loss. First of all, we don't want Hauck back, lol. With that said, he actually did a good job here for us, but as most people know, football is huge here and we've been recruiting very talented players for the last 10 years because of the tradition and success. I agree that he needs to be fired and they need someone who is proven at the D1 level. I can also assure you that it is not all Hauck's fault. I'm preaching to the choir when I say that the talent UNLV has is worlds away from where they need to be at that level. They have 1-AA(FCS) talent and wouldn't even be close to the top for that level. Obviously the lack of support doesn't help either, but I don't blame people for not wanting to watch that every week. I hope the school and the AD are learning that they need to go big with their decision making, and yeah, it will cost more money. There is no other way. Best of luck to you guys.

  29. WAZZU coming to town. A team that whooped up on UNLV last year. Kudos to the Sun by the way, by not requiring drawn blood and a facebook account (that of course UNLV will be monitoring) to post on the Sun's account. The play calling was awful. Lets look at it from a real team's point of view - Houston loses an opener a home - their O Coordinator is shown the door in WEEK 1! No excuses - shown the door after week 1.

    Will there be any Coaching Changes made on Staff at UNLV? No.

    These guys have been given a chance to Coach College Football. They have shown that they are not up for the challenge. Gorman would be favorites and that should never be the case.

    Our local media will be told by UNLV not to talk about this bad loss. The AD for UNLV will not give the vote of approval for Hauck. Does it matter? They have lost the community well before the season started.

    No one with UNLV ties even connected to this football program - not on the Staff, not in the broadcast booth either. Pay dat man his money as Malkovich would say in Rounders - as that is all this is about. Cant sink any lower. But what will be done about it? Hunkie could go out there and do a better job getting a team ready. Fake field goals - apparently the writing was on the wall that UNLV was scared about NAU. UNLV would be clobbered by Eastern Washington.

    No loyalty to the community, Alums or to local athletes has now been shown by both Hauck and Sanford. Why would anyone locally care? WAZZU fans in their dark days would have a flag at every ESPN COllege Game Day Broadcasts - due to loyalty. Anyone willing to do the same for UNLV?

    Time to get out the broom, get an overhaul done among the administration who are involved with football. Once was bad enough, twice is a problem. A serious program would make changes in Coordinators right now. UNLV will try to communication to those in their media pocket not to be so hard. Come on man!

  30. diplomat your views are wrong, until they get rid of the coaching staff things are only going to get worse. I would love to root for a home team. Yet my god when a high school team could beat them it is time to wake up... Open your eyes, the over/under of 3 wins is looking like a smart bet on my part! Well at least next friday UNLV will be the laughing stock of the nation again since it will be the only game on TV... This program is horrible it has huge potential but the right people need to be involved just not this joker or his staff..

  31. Livengood as athletic director; bad choice. Hauck as head coach; he should have known better than to come to the graveyard/retirement home of football coaches. The program is a fiscal disaster for the university, and does nothing to promote the university as a place to be for football athletes. Division 1 football, which UNLV is allegedly a part of, is 1) big business, 2) a way to promote esprit amongst the student body, 3) a way to promote alumni to contribute financially to the institution. None of this is being done. A new stadium? What a nonsense approach. Let't look at a drop down to the same level that Northern Arizona plays in. If not, drop the program entirely. We are a basketball University, and their ain't anything wrong with that.

  32. Re GoBruins. I believe Bishop Gorman could give UNLV a good scrap, and may even win straight up. We don't "have huge potential", and haven't had since Randall Cunningham played here under coach Harvey Hyde. 'nuff said.

  33. my group of 15 have had season tickets for 7 years and this is it , cant take it anymore I cant blame the kids out there playing its the coaching I'm sick of it how long until basketball...

  34. GoBruins, understand the frustration with the coaching. I have lived in Vegas for 23 years and have witnessed only two winning seasons. Seen lot of coaches come and go. UNLV is struggling financially like all college institutions,and don't see them being able to whip out the big bucks for a big name coach. So what can you do,run the coach out of town right now? Who do you replace him with? I can go on and on with what is wrong. But in reality only seeing this through is the only option,in the meantime we all will suffer and need to focus on other things. Totally frustrated because there other loser programs that have turned around by being real lucky finding those" diamond in the rough " coaches.

  35. Gary,

    You are wrong, Coach Robinson brought a lot of NFL talent to town. He built the program up.

    I think if we had the facility on campus, it would help attendance and school/community spirit. The Silver Bowl is still a dump, they polished the turd a bit, but it still sucks. The traffic control is a joke, I can't see how it would be worse on campus.

    I drank the Kool-Aid this year and bought premium season tickets and am kicking myself.

  36. Hey dip, here is the key as to how the other programs turned themselves around. They played lower end schools for a few years then started to play harder and harder schools. It is a simple concept that works. Another part is to get out of the bleeding Mountain West cesspool. The main thing though is to dump the coach. Do not USE the excuss of lack of money when UNLV just gave raises to 3 coaches. You can not pull the broke card on this one. There are coaches out there that can be brought in. The head coach you have now is killing this program. So please tell me again why UNLV can't turn around its program within 2-4 years? My plan would work. It has been done before and will be done again, only thing is will it be UNLV or someone else.. Only good thing is that UNLV can't get any worse..

  37. Re Louis_G. I agree that coach Robinson brought an air of respectability to the program. What happened? A return to the downward slide of the program, after Coach Robinson's departure. Coach Hauck is a good coach, or he was before he came here. A stadium, ON CAMPUS, or at least in an area that reflects the population demographic, would be a step in the right direction. A boon dock stadium with dirt parking is not the answer, hmmmmm, then we have USC; a top rank football school, located in a rough part of LA, and playing in a stadium built in the '30's. The difference? A totally committed alumni/fan base (I am one), a top notch academic university, and a MYSTIQUE and fan base based on WINNING!!!! Especially in this burg, winning is EVERYTHING. Until that changes, and a die-hard fan base is established, ala USC, this town will never be a college football utopia.

  38. Maybe coach hauck should follow coach Sanchez at GORMAN. Sanchez can show him how to run a practice and a play clock. No discipline at all hauck. I would suggest you go play Dixie State but they might out coach and show more heart than you.

  39. @GoBruins & @Gary Lind - I agree with most of what you've both said. You make good points that I've also be spouting for years. Too bad we can't more community support these concepts.

  40. Maybe they could afford a better coach if they did not pay to play a game that was added to their schedule late for one reason; to get coach Hauk a win. What genius did that? Maybe one of your crack reporters can request the contract through the open records act. I bet they paid over $200k to bring NAU to town. They did not even need another game this year. Why play thirteen games when you cannot afford it? This is simply a sign of an enept administration and nothing more. The AD certainly is to blame, but they have been doing this for over 25 years. They need to clean out the athletic administration or it will never get better. Did Livengood, Hamrick, or the AD before that make any nonvoluntary changes to the senior administrators? I'll bet not.

  41. We need to build an impressive on campus stadium for reasons other than UNLV Football.How else can Las Vegas retain the Natioal Finals Rodeo,which keeps our town alive in December.How many more mega fights will wind up in Jerry Jones palace in Dallas?
    NFL pre season games, big time soccer, and a more important bowl game than we currently have. Maybe even getting to host a BCS playoff game. All of these events would bring a huge amount of people and revenue to our city and yes, the gaming giants should pick up most of the cost. Don't be short sighted, build a first class stadium.

  42. I couldn't agree with you more rostrum, a first class stadium would server many, many more things than our "football" team.

  43. We have the worst facilities in Div I football. We are in a weak conf with a pathetic TV deal with practically zero exposure. We have a weak fan base & an off campus stadium. We are at a distinct disadvantage against everybody we recruit & play against. So what makes anybody think simply firing Hauck is gonna change ANYTHING? It isnt.

    The Robinson tenure was a fluke. He got talent in here strictly on his pedigree & ties to the NFL. The second he stopped caring the bubble popped and he left with a losing record & the cupboard bare. There was a revolving door of coaches before him and after....and now people on here advocate that we keep the door spinning. Again, that aint gonna do nothing but, if this is possible, take us back even further.

    This team is better in most areas than the last two years. If you dont know that or acknowldege dont know the game. The Def is light years better & has only given up 2 TDs in 2 games of regulation, we're bigger & more physical, and we play hard. That didnt just show up by was developed by coaching. So to base progress off of strictly win/loss record, at UNLV (see 1st paragraph), is to be under the delusion that we are just like everybody else in DI. To paraphrase Brad Pitt in "Moneyball"...."there the good teams, the bad teams, then 50ft of crap..then there is us!" That just about sums up our situation.

    I am not happy with Hauck either. But I am not willing to go back to the drawing board and wipe out the progress we've made in the two most crucial aspects of the game...playing D & running the start a new system & schemes all over again. THAT is my biggest gripe against Hauck right that we suffered through Herrings learning curve last year only to have a Freshman start at QB this we have to suffer through the same stuff AGAIN while also minimizing the playbook & becoming predictable in order to protect Sherry. Atleast play'em both..attack the edges....add some athleticism at every bullet we have. It just seems like its ALWAYS one step forward and two steps back with Hauck. I'm not saying Hauck doesnt deserve to fired after losing to SUU & NAU...I'm just saying the alternative is another 4yr project/learning curves I dont have the patience for. I'm willing to ride it out as long as we keep playing D and have a chance to win in the 4th qtr. As a season ticket holder...I have to justify my purchase somehow. lol!!

  44. djonian and rostrum agree w/you both. A lot of frustration is understandable the MWC was 1-8 last week.
    Next season we lose BSU and SDSU there is no reason we can't compete with MWC/WAC leftovers conference.
    Nick is a big guy with a big arm I hope he develops we crushed in the stat dept. need a "W" this friday!

  45. @Tony, the real issue here is that the homers are OK with the fact that they have a horrible football program. Like I said the change is simple, even simpler to do. It is just that the fans will moan on the message boards, yet will not be in an uproar. Until the fans actually wake up and see that change can happen nothing will be done.

  46. The UNLV President needs to hold the AD and Coach Hauck accountable and change is need immediately. The AD pick Hauck therefore he should be let go as well. Hauck continues to lack the decision making when he refused to fire his buddy's Paulson as the Def Coordinator back in February and the Offensive Coordinator. Hauck style of football is old school and not exciting to watch. MT Griz is very happy he is gone. Hauck should have searched for someone who could implement the new style of college football like the Oregon, AZ State, UCLA and MT Grizzlies all these programs have incorporated the no huddle and they snap the ball with 25 seconds on the play clock and they put pressure on the defensive. Fans and players love this style of football. The Defense for these program implement the same style 3-4 with lots of pressure to the QB. This is todays exciting college football. Hauck should take full responsibility and his leadership and coaching has failed. UNLV should try to spark some life and hope in the players and Fans I see no solution but to release Hauck and the AD immediately we deserve more exciting football and effective leadership. We demand accountability. Here are some possible future coaches to consider which will bring excitement to UNLV football Gus Malzahn UCLA, Mike Norvell AZ State, Mark Helfrich, Oregon Paul Petrino Arkansas all these coaches are proven Offensive Coordinators who will put major points on the scoreboard bring successful FUN to UNLV football players and fans. UNLV President go get these guys immediately hired them before the season is over so someone else does not pick them up! The ball is in your court if you cannot make the move then we should demand for you be gone as well. You work for the tax-payers as well.

  47. @GoBruins et al: the change you desire is in your BIG FAT wallets. You millionaires and billionaires need to start putting-up the cash to make your demands come to a climax; otherwise, your moans and groans are as indistinguishable as the moans and groans from a porn set. They are pointless to absurdity!

  48. @gobruins: Leaving the Mountain West isn't the answer. I don't know of any conference who would have UNLV football because of the poor state of the program. As far as easier opponents - they have lost to FCS schools in each of the past two seasons. The Southern Utah game last year was a total beatdown delivered by a team who shouldn't have even been competitive in the game. A friend of mine who played for SUU told me that he didn't go to the game because he believed that they had no chance, yet they won by more than 20 points. Unless UNLV starts playing local high schools, I don't know how much more they can downgrade the schedule.

    Coaching is the answer. Obviously, with what UNLV pays football staff, they won't get a top national coach. However, that isn't necessary. They just need the right coach. Urban Meyer was once an unknown, and he quickly turned around programs at Bowling Green and Utah. Even though Meyer is gone, the two programs have still done well. Utah even moved to a more prestigious conference. Kansas State - whose program was once as much of a joke as UNLV's - changed the entire culture of the program by hiring Bill Snyder. They just beat Miami by 39 points and they are nationally ranked.

    I understand that funding is an issue. However, people won't pour money into 2-10 programs who repeatedly lose to lower division programs with inferior talent and less resources. This program has gone backward under the current staff. Simply put, they aren't up to the job. Mike Sanford was fired for winning more games in his last season than Bobby Hauck has won in two seasons and part of a third.

  49. Tactical error, get 9 good looking strippers with string bikinis on he team. 1 ball carrier , a qtr back. Running back runs the ball while the defense is chasing the string bikini strippers.

  50. THIS IS TO UNLV PLAYERS....Hang in there you youngsters. This is a very difficult time & your hearing negativity everywhere.It is a dark moment for you youngsters.But put all that aside,hope against hope & against all the negativity.This is a great life lesson because difficult times happen.In business all may hate you and you'll have to stand strong so this is a great training.Just do your best & DON'T QUIT, DON'T QUIT, DON'T QUIT..Keep practicing hard.You'LL overcome this negativity as you practice & play hard.Good things will happen.Someday when you meet someone else down & out you'll be able to say I'VE BEEN THERE LET ME HELP YOU OUT.I HONOR YOU KIDS FOR HANDLING THIS ABUSE & YET STEPPING BACK OUT ON THAT FIELD WHEN MOST WILL SCORN YOU....YOU ARE BRAVE HONORABLE SOULS...AND SO WHAT IF YOU LOOSE, YOU CAN ONLY DO YOUR BEST. KEEP GETTING UP GUYS NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU'RE HIT AND KNOCKED DOWN.....AGAIN YOU ARE BRAVE SOULS.....KEEP GOIING DON'T QUIT!!!!!! I DON'T CARE HOW BAD IT GETS.YOU'RE HONORABLE AMERICANS!!!!

  51. @ Kirkland: "Cant sink any lower." Every time I hear that or think that, this program finds some freakish way of sinking even lower. This weekend is a perfect example.

    No offense to the fine folks at Las Vegas Paving Corp. and the Mendenhall family, who donated the money to build the wonderful complex for Rebel Basketball. Or to the Fertitta family for the blank check to Gorman for their new training complex. But last time I checked, who from our wealthy community has opened their checkbook to fund anything for Football? I don't see Phil Knight "walking through that door" anytime soon (I thought he and Tark were pals since the Basketball team has been Nike endorsed almost forever).

    How long is it going to be before the Nevada Sports books deem UNLV as "Non-Competitive" and take them off the boards? Imagine the spreads vs Wazzu and Reno (have not seen a line for the Wazzu game as of yet.)

    It's time to put up or shut up! The Established in the community need to pony up, or else the new stadium project is history, and along with that the rodeo and other lost major events, which will lead to downward city-wide numbers, loss of jobs, and sink the local economy deeper. It's more than just Rebel football on the line.

  52. Let's not forget, UNLV had the opportunity to hire Mike Leach in 2009.

    I hope Leach does whatever he can with his poor team to blow out the Runnin' Rebs. Teach 'em a lesson Leach!

  53. Anyone who uses this poor facilities/locker rooms excuse that is a cop out. We have better facilities and support than Southern Utah and better facilities than Northern Arizona. There's no excuse losing to any D-1AA school or FCS or whatever its called!

    Boise State didn't have good facilities or exposure or support before it built its dynasty. Coach Ault up in Reno faces the same budget, facilities, and fan support as UNLV and he does not have trouble sending UNR to a bowl game consistently. Don't anyone try and give me this crap that UNLV can never have a winning program! Plenty of other schools have done it with less!

  54. OK, so we have a nationally televised game coming up on Friday. A NATIONALLY TELEVISED GAME! Would it be asking too much to have a full stadium for the TV masses. If we go on national TV with crowds like what we have had for the past 2 games we will totally destroy the national opinion of not only UNLV but the people of Las Vegas, the alumni, etc. Is this what you want? Put aside the hatred of the program for 1 night. Just show up to show your support for UNLV and LAS VEGAS. Would it kill you to do that? Can the alumni show at least a little pride in themselves and the university for 1 damn night? If you want a new stadium. If you want a new coach. If you want to have the players play better, guess what, show up and let the nation know that we are REBELS! This is a time for the people of Las Vegas to show support. If you cannot come to the game based on ridiculous excuses, as usual, or you are saying I won't watch UNLV football, then you are as much a loser as you are calling Coach Hauck!!

  55. I continue to be amazed at how long this program can stay down. Having lived and died with UNLV since 1972, and being an alumnus of this fine institution, it gets increasingly tougher watching these coaches with huge plans - come in and melt down. Unfortunately, Houck is falling in line with those who just do not get the fact that this is one of those jobs that can never rely on local stars to get the ball rolling. I could give you dozens of Damarco Murrays, Ryan Reynolds, Steve Jacksons and Billy Wynns who never even considered the Rebs.

    It's time to infuse the team with more kids from states where high school football is played at a high level. Having lived here in Florida, I know UNLV has done well in the past, and kids from the Sunshine State would be more than pleased to come to Vegas. Hell, Hawaii brought in four kids this year - 2 would be starters for the Rebels.

    The California experiment needs to end. Stop bringing in someone else's problems to this team. It's time for the Coaching staff to recruit and not settle. Until that happens, we will lose to NAU and everyone else - because the talent is just NOT there.