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October 23, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Welfare recipients shouldn’t vote

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In reading the article about public assistance agencies ramping up efforts to register people to vote, I’m reminded that when I registered to vote at 18 years old (43 years ago), I went looking for the registrar’s office.

I made a few phone calls, found out where the office was and took it upon myself to get registered.

I wanted to vote and be part of this representative republic. If people don’t have enough interest or ambition to get themselves registered to vote, I don’t think we should be chasing after them, “begging” them to vote. My guess is they will not be very informed voters. Those kinds of voters are likely to vote for candidates based on looks or feelings and not on the issues.

In my opinion, people on public assistance should not be allowed to vote as long as they are receiving it. At the point they apply and are qualified for welfare, I believe they should be required to sign away their voting rights until they no longer require assistance. At that point, their voting rights would be reinstated.

This seems to me neither heartless nor unfair but completely just.

We all know that those on public assistance would be more inclined to vote for those candidates that promise the most. It’s just our human nature.

The system is ripe for corruption and fraud. I am not opposed to public assistance in certain cases, but we have to admit the abuses of the system are everywhere.

This seems like a simple, logical fix, but that’s just me.

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