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October 17, 2017

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We’re not all victims, Mr. Romney

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Once again, Mitt Romney shows he has “foot-in-mouth disease.” At a GOP fundraiser, he was secretly taped saying that 47 percent of voters will vote for Barack Obama regardless of what Romney says because they feel entitled to extensive government support. In reality, he says, they are “victims.” He said his job is not to worry about them.

I’m a senior and a Democrat, so I guess that makes me a victim. The GOP policy is “everyone on their own” while the Democrat policy is “if you are in need of help, we are there for you. We have your back.”

Romney blasted entitlement programs as making us dependent upon the government. I paid into both Social Security and Medicare for 45 years. I am entitled to the benefits.

He mentioned that the 47 percent pay no federal income taxes. Is Romney one of the 47 percent because he has not shown us he has paid federal tax in a 10-year period?

By the way, paying no income tax does not mean a person does not pay taxes. What about Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, local taxes and, in many states, state income taxes?

I think he has officially confirmed that he is not connected with the common folk. He certainly proved that we cannot count on him in a moment of need or in a moment where it is time to reap the investment retired people have made over their lifetime. I am not a victim and I am a responsible citizen.

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