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January 18, 2018

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Poll: Of all the Vegas-themed TV characters, who was the ultimate in cool?


Steve Marcus

Former Clark County Sheriff Ralph Lamb poses at his home in Las Vegas Thursday, August 2, 2012. Actor Dennis Quaid portrays Lamb in “Vegas,” a new CBS television series that will premier in September. Lamb was sheriff from 1961 to 1979.

Las Vegas returned to prime time network TV Tuesday evening with the premiere of "Vegas," a period drama starring Dennis Quaid as former Clark County Sheriff Ralph Lamb. It was far from the city's first turn as the setting for a network series, which begs a question. Which character from a Vegas TV show was the coolest?

    • Robert Urich.

      Dan Tanna

      If for no other reason, the private investigator at the center of the '70s-era series "Vega$" deserves consideration for somehow being able to drive a convertible year-round in Las Vegas without breaking a sweat or getting his hair messed up. Beyond that, he gets points for being buddies with Tony Curtis and being able to park his car in his living room without suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. The late Robert Urich played Tanna with California cool, down to his Dingo boots.

    • Make like Grissom and solve crimes one hair follicle at a time at the MGM Grand's interactive exhibit, CSI: The Experience.

      Dr. Gil Grissom

      As portrayed by William Petersen on the original "CSI," Grissom made it cool to be a nerdy science guy. He was socially awkward, fussy and eccentric, but he inevitably found the one gee-whiz clue that would break the case. Who else could have deduced that a splinter embedded in the sole of the suspect's shoe could only have come from a forest in northern Chile?

    • NBC series "Las Vegas" starring James Caan.

      "Big Ed" Deline

      This casino executive from the NBC series "Las Vegas" makes the list because he was portrayed by James Caan. Enough said.

    • Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell in <em>The Defenders</em> on CBS.

      Nick Morelli and Pete Kaczmarek

      Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell portrayed these characters, respectively, in the CBS legal drama "The Defenders."

    • Rob Lowe played Dr. Billy Grant in the CBS series Dr. Vegas.

      Dr. Billy Grant

      Remember the CBS series "Dr. Vegas"? OK, neither does anyone else. But here's a bit of trivia about the show, which lasted one season: Rob Lowe played the title character.

    • Anthony Denison in Crime Story.

      Lt. Mike Torello and Ray Luca

      "Crime Story," which aired on NBC from 1986 to 1988, focused on the mob in Chicago. But the series shifted gears from the Windy City to Las Vegas as it told the story of mobster Luca, portrayed by Anthony Denison, and the law enforcement agent determined to bring him to justice, Lt. Mike Torello, portrayed by Dennis Farina.

    • John Corbett at Green Valley Ranch Station Casino on December 18, 2001.

      Michael "Lucky" Linkletter

      In 2003, John Corbett ("Sex in the City," "Northern Exposure") took a turn in the starring role of FX's "Lucky," portraying a compulsive gambler. The dark comedy drew some critical acclaim but it went bust after one season.

    Who's the coolest?

    Who is coolest?
    Dan Tanna — 44.2%
    "Big Ed" Deline — 27.3%
    Dr. Gil Grissom — 15.8%
    Lt. Mike Torello and Ray Luca — 7.9%
    Nick Morelli and Pete Kaczmarek — 3.6%
    Michael "Lucky" Linkletter — 1.1%
    Dr. Billy Grant — 0%

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    Note: This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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