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October 21, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Our country has a culture of caring

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In his letter to the editor, “Healthy people are being punished,” Henry Schmid wrote, “To force people to buy a complete-coverage plan to subsidize insurance for low-income people is wrong ...”

I am forced to pay property tax to fund our free schools and other important city/county services. I am forced to pay sales tax to run important governmental services. I am forced to pay gasoline taxes so that we have good roads. I am forced to pay tax to help fund Social Security, Medicare and other important health care programs. I am forced to pay income tax to help run our country.

I am pleased that all citizens can benefit from all of these programs I am “forced” to support. In addition to taking care of ourselves, we all can participate in helping our hard-working, low-income brothers and sisters who deserve essential services, including education and health care, but might not be able to afford private schools and unduly expensive private medical care for example.

This caring is what makes this country great, isn’t it?

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