Source: ‘Good chance’ Moser transfers from UNLV to Washington

After nearly putting his name into the NBA Draft last season, Moser could be headed to his second Pac-12 school


Sam Morris / Las Vegas Sun

UNLV forward Mike Moser wears the team’s new hoodie before the start of their Mountain West Conference Tournament championship game against New Mexico Saturday, March 16, 2013 at the Thomas & Mack Center.

UNLV Runnin' Rebel MIke Moser

UNLV forward Mike Moser reacts after his dunk late in the Rebels game against USC at the Las Vegas Invitational Friday, Nov. 25, 2011 at the Orleans Arena. UNLV won 66-55. Launch slideshow »

There’s a “good chance” UNLV junior forward Mike Moser will transfer to Washington for his final season of college eligibility, according to a source close to the team. reported Friday morning that Moser was “likely” heading to Washington for his final year after graduating this May. Like that report, the Sun’s source said it’s not a done deal but could be shortly.

After nearly putting his name into the NBA Draft after one season at UNLV, Moser returned for what everyone, including UNLV coach Dave Rice, referred to as his senior season. In the media guide he’s even pictured with seniors Quintrell Thomas, Anthony Marshall and Justin Hawkins.

That mentality changed a bit after his elbow injury on Dec. 9, although a return to the Rebels never seemed like the first option. A decision to put his name in the NBA Draft and take his chances in one-on-one workouts is still possible but unlikely, as another year of college could potentially vault him back into the mix of first-rounders.

If Moser ends up at Washington, he’ll have a familiar face in incoming freshman Nigel Williams-Goss, who Friday afternoon is playing for Findlay Prep in the NHSI semifinals on ESPN2. Williams-Goss and Moser are both from Portland, Ore.

This would be Moser's third school. He started his career at UCLA and then transferred to play for then-UNLV coach Lon Kruger. Under Rice, Moser had a breakout sophomore season, averaging 14 points and 10.5 rebounds while earning first-team all-Mountain West honors. He was also the league's Newcomer of the Year, made the all-defense team and earned honorable mention Associated Press all-America honors.

Last season, he missed seven games because of injuries and averaged 7.1 points and 6.1 rebounds. Moser can be immediately eligible anywhere else in the country as long as he takes a grad course not offered at UNLV.

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  1. I think this is a good move for both sides. He'll get plenty of playing time at Washington, and it will free up space for UNLV.

  2. Moser should go play overseas as soon as possible. He has his degree and hopefully now his full health. He can go overseas, where his game should translate well, and start getting paid while playing against men.

    If I were Moser, I'd talk to an agent that places guys overseas and find out what options are out there. Another season of playing with kids in college - while getting another year older - will likely not get him into the first round where money is guaranteed.

    If you're a second rounder, or go undrafted, you'll likely end up overseas anyway. A friend of a friend, whose game is a lot like Moser's did this after getting picked in the second round, and being one of the final cuts in camp. Spent some time in Europe, back to the NBA, back to China, Turkey and finally now on an NBA roster.

    Start overseas now, Mike, and see where a full time commitment to hoops can take you.

  3. I'd hate to see him eventually make it to the NBA and have Washington next to his name instead of UNLV.

  4. @Taylor Bern

    How can you write the story and omit that Moser will be eligible to play immediately??

  5. @Audentes. .

    Never thought about that approach, but I like it. Kind of a Brandon Jennings move.

  6. Oh dang. All those huge Moser heads I had - and that one with moving arms, too - will have to go in the trash now.

  7. Moser will be the frist of many bailing from UNLV until we get a coach.......

  8. Comment removed by moderator. Name Calling

  9. @mitmo52 - That's not why Moser is leaving. What has Romar done lately?

  10. All the best M.M. one awesome year and the Rebellion was good to you as well as the city. I hope you come back for visits.

  11. We'll hear the 6 or 7 people who are UNLV fans on here whining and talking about how they didn't need Moser.

    It's just said that he took as long as he did to realize this school wasn't worth playing for.

    UNLV needs to stop worrying about how many "top recruits" they get and develop the talent instead of acquiring it and worrying about how a player is ranked over at



    Quit praying that it just falls into your lap.

  12. Dave Rice has confirmed that Mike Moser is transferring, but he didn't mention any schools. He doesn't know where Moser will transfer to.

  13. This isnt "bad" news at all. In fact, I would argue it is a good sign that Rice isnt negotiating with the players anymore. In order for the way Rice wants to play (inside-out & ball reversal) to work...Rice needs guys at the 4 & 5 spots who will STAY in the post, bang, pass, and be a threat in the paint. Moser fits NONE of those criteria. His game is mid range & out & he is good on the glass. But you cant off rebound consistently if you're perpetually 15ft from the basket. And I wouldnt play him at the 3 either because I think BDJ gives us more versatility there, is better defensively, which allows us to put Katin on the floor at the 2 spot with him. Throw in a PG who can make solid decisions & you've got some decent perimeter firepower that can shoot it AND get to the rim & finish.

    It is also a really good sign that we will extend our defense and pressure more. You need your 4 & 5's to be rim protectors & defensive oriented in that scheme & Moser doesnt fit there either. No doubt his length, rebounding, & ability to push the ball would be missed....but its more important to challenge & alter shots at those spots. The Cal 2nd half dunk fest proved that isnt a Moser priority. Besides, he was notoriously weak & sloppy with the ball anyway & with the PGs we have coming in...we dont need that is why the outlet pass was invented.

    Not hating on Moser at all. I appreciate his efforts & he was a solid Rebel. His UNC game performance was Epic. Its just that his skill set doesnt mesh with what Rice wants to do. Personally, I think its good that he & Bennett are leaving. This will give Rice the chance to define roles & hold players accountable without having to deal with their "pedigrees." Is his leaving a loss? Yes. Is it catastrophic? I would argue not at all.

  14. Not a real big fan of Mike transfering from the simple fact that Coach Rice was extremely loyal to Mike and now he is bailing. Do I think UNLV will miss him? Not really. Even with the injury Mike had a mostly forgetable season. I just am puzzled why Mike would look to leave after Coach Rice should have benched him when he was playing horrible(most of conference and the tourney)but still stood by him and played him when clearly his minutes should have gone elsewhere like to Savon. Do not wish anything bad for Mike but a little disappointed.

  15. @djonian81 - He had to promise guys like Reinhardt and Bennett lots of playing time if they came. As a result, they had bigger leashes with Rice. Now that all of the players are his except for Lopez-Sosa, that shouldn't be a problem. Also, he didn't promise Dwayne Morgan playing time. He told him that he'd have to earn it. Yet, Morgan still committed. Also, the only real post threat in Dave Rice's system is the 5. Brandon Davies was the only real post threat when Rice was at BYU.

  16. This is too bad. Before Moser got hurt, he was playing very well this year and was a huge threat that drew a lot of respect from defenses, even when he didn't have the ball. Afterwards, he never really made it back to his old form. Despite what most commenters say here, Moser is a good ball player, and he would be a huge value to the team if he healed up in the offseason and regained his old form. Sitting on the bench and going through slumps can get in a player's head. I think that's what happened here.

  17. Third school that he will play for in 4 years. Sounds like Mr. Moser is another example of a head case that came to UNLV and left the fans dissapointed again.

  18. Why the hec would Moser transfer? CDR must have kicked him out. He's going to a step down program in a sep down conference.

  19. Well that was fast. Usually when someone announces a transfer, their is a sorting out period, schools court the transfer, transfer visits the schools, etc.. I mean being a UNLV fan, you tend to know how these transfer things work. It just seems odd that barely before the release papers are even dry that a school has been announced... er rumored. Was Washinton, via NWG actively recruiting Moser this season? Why wasn't Oregon or Oregon State involved? Once Lopez-Sosa leaves, that will be the last link to the Kruger-era. No more former coach's players excuses now for Rice and Co.

  20. Moser needs somewhere to sell his wares to the nba.....he needs the ball in his hands a lot to score.......seemed like a nice guy and heady ball player....needs to develop a faster offensive game...he is a slow set shot shooter....and doesn't have very much lateral quickness....good luck...

  21. @phillips - I dont know how to say this except to just say it: You have no idea what you are talking about. Plaisted, Miles, Davies, Hartsock, Collingsworth, Anderson & a few other stiffs played the 4 & 5 during Rice's years in Provo. See any face up 3pt shooters there ala Moser & Bennett? Didnt think so. See anybody who can post up, is unselfish, & can bang? Try all of them. Only Plaisted & Davies (later on) were semi black holes. Plus they could play Keena Young, Cummard, or Tavaneri at the 4 if they wanted to go small.

    So no, the 5 spot wasnt the only post threat in that offense. Keena Young dropped 34pts on us in the tourney final...mostly with his back to the basket.

    I dig that you are down for the Rebels & Coach Rice...but please refrain from attempting to lecture me about what any coach runs anywhere & his personnel....especially if they play this side of the Mississippi. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. :-)

  22. That's what you get with transfers......they transferred for a a coach you have to have the right mix on your team and vet leadership to keep them in line.......

  23. So much for loyalty mike........if you are a man, you'll say "why" you are transferring. Some of those fans deserve to hear it from your own words. Don't be scared. Man up.

  24. Bottom line is for the rebels to play the way rice wants them to, they have to increase their basketball IQ....which was one of the worst since the bayno days.....seriously. I still have no voice from the season.

  25. Agreed, this is good news. Moser ultimately too many negatives (slow footed defender, turnover machine, average to sub-average jump shooter, poor passer) outweighing the positives (size, motor, rebounding) Good luck in UW, thanks again for UNC last year.

  26. This works out perfect for both sides. Rebels have one less person to fit in rotation. I think Roscoe Smith would have started over Moser at the 4 next year. Moser gets to go to UW where they have a lack of big men so he will be the feature there with Nigel feeding it to him and they know each other very well

  27. Seattle Sports Radio is already saying Moser is coming to the University of Washington. Done deal.

    He at least understands that he needs to have a solid season to get drafted where his talent would have led him to be drafted this year if not for injury. Question really is more about - a player who should be expected to be the guy for UNLV and believes that playing at a PAC 12 school is better than where he is at? Romar has had players drafted in the first round in recent years and this does not all include one and done talent.

    Goss will make a monster difference for UW. As would that kid from Baylor who was the NIT MVP, I think he even was from Las Vegas going to Desert Pines who could not get the attention from UNLV.

    It does not matter who starts or the recruits they bring in if this team can not put together better defense and can run a half court offense. Neither showed up on a regular basis at UNLV this year. Picking up an Assistant Coach who can work on Coaching up offensive sets for half court situations - that is more important than the loss of Moser. The Rebels had a first round draft choice and still could not figure out how to set screens running a solid offensive set to win the tough games. Hopefully Justin gets the Northridge job and Rice can find a bench guy who can help with strategy instead of having no Assistant Coach saying anything to him during time outs. Tark had those Coaches. Rice should know that he needs to find them as well.

  28. Ok , now everyone just settle down, if Phillips says everthing is ok then everything is ok. Don't anyone on here speak the truth becuase Phillips will just attack you and tell you what a terrible person you are. If there is one thing for sure it's that this is Phillips' forum and everyone should bow down to the great one. Good luck Moser maybe you'll have a better leader where ever you go.

  29. @Fedup2here :

    Phillips is the ultimate homer, and like Mike Lange who used to post here regularly, tends to drive me crazy because of it but in this case you're wrong. His posts were neutral and well thought out, even if possibly questionable factually about the BYU big men, not a personal attack at all.
    I think Moser's game went south at the end of the 2011-2012 season when he decided to show the NBA scouts he could shoot the three well enough to make the NBA, he was wrong. Much line Stanback he was better off playing just within the arc. That being said, I do think this is a loss for UNLV but not a huge one. It may indeed end up being the best thing for both Moser and UNLV. I have to wonder if the chance to play his final season closer to his home didn't have the most impact on his decision

  30. I think that, to a very large extent, the criticism of coach Dave Rice is unfair. Dave Rice isn't Jerry Tarkanian, and nobody except Tarkanian himself ever will be. Whenever there's a legendary coach or player, everybody who follows is compared to them and expected to replace them. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with expecting a great coach and players. However, you'll always be disappointed if you compare the current coach and players to past coaches and players. Those guys built their own legacy, and all the current players and coach can do is build their own legacy. No coach or player is replaceable because every player and coach is unique.