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January 22, 2018

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Who protects us from NV Energy?

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Are Las Vegas residents a bank for NV Energy?

It’s time the governor, Legislature and Public Utilities Commission get up the courage to stop NV Energy from making fools out of them by allowing the utility to use the people of Nevada as their go-to bank.

What is it with this company? How many times a year are they going to keep asking for raises — and get them? I’ll tell you how many: until someone gets the courage to say, “No. Stop. That’s enough.”

Now we are responsible to pay for a coal plant that is polluting and killing people and needs to be closed down? And then we pay for a new gas-fired power plant that they claim will generate all these jobs and money? Let them generate these so-called jobs and monies out of their own profits. They want us to pay for their facilities and then charge us extra because of that new facility. They get all the tax breaks, then raise their salaries and run all the way to the bank with our profits. It’s like I build you a house, you rent it out, you keep the rent and I pay all the bills while you live on the beach in Hawaii.

We need people that who care; we need a PUC that does its job and protects the people, not the utilities. We need a governor who pays attention and calls the PUC on the bad decisions it is making.

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