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December 13, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

More guns won’t reduce carnage

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A proposal was made to the Legislature that people be allowed to carry concealed weapons in school classrooms. This idea keeps coming back. Let’s say it is adopted.

You and I have our concealed carry permits. We have practiced our fast draw in front of the mirror and are prepared to prevent some crazy guy from shooting up the classroom. We’re ready, just in case.

We’re listening to our professor in a crowded lecture hall when a shot and a scream ring out. You pull your gun and so do I, looking for the bad guy. I see him pointing a gun at me, and I fire in self-defense, just as you do.

Congratulations. We have just killed each other. The shot and scream came from a classmate who forgot to engage the safety on the pistol and his waistband and had to scratch an itch.

Guns kill people. It is the ubiquity and not the righteousness of these instruments of death that leads to our daily dose of carnage. More guns only make an appalling situation worse.

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