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October 19, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

U.S. intervention at what cost?

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It has been estimated that our overall military intervention in the Middle East has resulted in over 20 million people being freed from living under authoritarian rule. Was the cost worth it? Mostly, these people complain about how we intervene, don’t help us much, often fight us, want us to provide monetary assistance into the future and often later end up supporting the same system we freed them from.

We’ve nearly bankrupted ourselves and have lost so many Americans to death or grievous wounds, both physical and psychological. What if one of those dead or wounded was the person who would have discovered the cure for cancer or helped us make some other great advance — or just have been a fine human being?

A justification for removing the Afghan Taliban can be made, but the rest? I have to wonder. Perhaps the best course would be to let these people be, kill terrorists with drones to the extent we can, and remind the world that we will fiercely attack and destroy anyone that attacks us.

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