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October 18, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Filibuster of gun bill was cowardly

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It is beyond distressing to read David Brooks’ opinion, “The second wave of the conservative revolution,” in which he says Democrats “never made a compelling case that the (gun safety) bill would have directly prevented future Sandy Hooks or lowered the murder rate nationwide.”

First, since when is this the test for passing sensible legislation? Second, Brooks chooses to overlook the fact that, in our perverted form of Senate “democracy,” minority members are free to deny the majority — and by extension, the American public — a vote on this or any other important issue.

If — as the gurus on some of the Sunday morning talk shows claimed — the 46 senators who voted to filibuster the bill were so sure they were representing the majority of the voters in their states, Brooks needs to explain to us dimwitted citizenry why they weren’t willing to allow the Senate to vote on the bill.

Could it be, contrary to what Brooks claims, they are afraid of being thrown out of office by gun-safety supporters? Here’s hoping the majority of voters remain angry enough at this singularly cowardly act to punish each of them at the polls.

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