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August 19, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Our government is not our enemy

It seems that the people with the least informed opinion are always the first to let you know what they think.

Bob Jack, who has been predicting gloom and doom in letters to the editor since President Barack Obama took office, has only seen the years go by with none of his predictions being realized. Now, in his Aug. 10 letter, “Defeat extremists, get real on energy,” he’s again reaffirmed a previous attacked on the president for his energy policy.

He blames Obama for the loss of coal mining jobs. Well, anyone who has read anything at all regarding the maladies of the coal industry knows that the boom in natural gas is bringing about the demise of big coal. Gas is cheaper to produce, transport and store, and it burns 30 percent cleaner. That would be capitalism at work.

Also, a gentleman who had recently moved here from Colorado sent a letter to the editor and spoke of the natural gas fracking in his neighborhood that brought about creeks catching on fire and faucet water that could be ignited with a match. That is private industry at work on private land — in Jack’s words, “lifting the nation’s long-term prospects ... leading to job growth.”

Big government is a problem … only to billionaires and corporations. With all their money, they’re powerless when facing a government with conviction.

Have you noticed that all of these factories that are blowing up around the country and the mines that are caving in on workers are in red states?

States that ensure big-government safety inspectors are marginalized. We libs enforce safety and it may cost a few jobs, but the people who have the jobs that remain will come home every night to see their babies.

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