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October 21, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

More reliable data on global warming

In reading the letter to the editor “Why Keystone is worth considering” from climate-change denier Steve Saterlie, he falls back on an old discredited myth that UAH satellite measurements have found the average temperature of Earth “has been totally unchanged for the past 15 years.” I mean, it’s NASA’s data, right?

Anything associated with the space program couldn’t possibly be wrong, could it? Why would you believe all of the scientific data here on Earth when you have data that contradicts it from space?

Or at least that’s what anti-science global warming deniers like Saterlie want you to believe.

If Saterlie had done a quick bit of research instead of just parroting anti-science climate denier myths, (I just Googled UAH satellite temperature data), he would have found that these aging satellites are not fully homogeneous and do not measure temperature directly, that their sensors have deteriorated over time, and orbital decay and satellite drift have made the data useless. In other words, different groups have interpreted the data and gotten different conclusions. Temperatures measured here on Earth show an increase consistent with man-made global warming. Science depends on good, verifiable, consistent data; UAH satellite data isn’t that. Anti-science people are part of the problem of global warming.

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