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November 20, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Democrats treat us like children

In response to the Dec. 12 letter in the Sun, “GOP’s strategy on women is a thin veil”:

I can’t speak for the Republican party leadership, or anyone else for that matter, but I can, as one conservative/libertarian voter try to enlighten the letter writer on a number of things.

We conservative/liberatarians see issues through the prism of freedom. We want women, Hispanics, blacks and any other minority to be free — free from an overbearing government that seems intent on controlling every aspect of our lives. Sadly, the Republican party seems to have difficulty articulating this viewpoint.

Along with freedom comes responsibility, the responsibility to face and pay for the consequences of one’s actions. Women are free to do anything they want in this country — just don’t ask me, the taxpayer, to pay for the consequences of your actions. That means taxpayers should not be paying for your birth control or your abortions; that’s an individual responsibility. If you want to become a teacher, don’t expect to make the same pay as your male counterpart who decided to become an engineer.

I’m frankly disgusted when I see both parties pigeonholing voters into various categories based on race or sex. All voters are Americans and should be viewed as such, not some small group to be pandered to.

Republican lawmakers don’t need any communications classes. They just need to clearly articulate their support of personal freedom loud and clear.

Democrats have learned that if you repeat a lie long enough and often enough, people will believe it. They continue to spew lies about how Republicans want to do this or that to them. The truth is the Democrats want to control everything we do, to remove our personal freedoms and treat us like children. We are not children. We are adults with free will who need to take responsibility for our actions.

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