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January 17, 2018

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Letter to the editor:

Greed in the season of giving

Why do a good portion of our Republicans leaders constantly rail against the size of government, Social Security and Medicare?

I feel certain that along with drawing huge government salaries, they must also collect their Social Security checks — and I’ll bet many of their family members use the Medicare system.

Oh, I know it is because they want to lower the national debt they helped create. Do they not remember that President Bill Clinton left us a nice surplus before the stupidity of the Iraq War?

The egg on their faces is really making a nasty-looking mess and they just can’t seem to get it wiped off. Every time one of their hard-right leaders spews an idiotic talking point on Fox News, the egg yolk gets a deeper yellow and dries looking very ugly.

It appears to me that most of the GOP’s agenda is power and greed. The way they are going about achieving their goal is to put it bluntly, ridiculous.

I know their campaign dollars come from millionaires and corporations, but how many votes will that get them?

For goodness sake, they are even following the lead of the Fox pundits who are smearing the Catholic pope for trying to expand his flock.

The hard-right base that is entrenched in that media is actually splitting the party and dividing our once-caring nation.

The Christmas season is a beloved time of the year for most Americans. Its beautiful face glistens amazingly as it sees how much charity our area produces for the needy.

Goodness comes from the heart, and it appears many of our leaders’ hearts are made stone.

To those leaders who ignore what the majority of Americans want and need, I say open your eyes and check to see if there is a life beyond your own aspirations.

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