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July 24, 2017

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Consider reason for election results

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It should be obvious after the past elections that the Republican Party with its conservative leanings is effectively dead. The Democrats have been quick to understand that the party that wins the White House is the party that is most in step with the will of the people.

As you listen to the news, you will notice more and more references to polling on this or that issue. Savvy politicians are aware that public opinion is what should guide campaigns and thence policy. There is really nothing new here; the difference is that now, public opinion trumps all other considerations. Our founders anticipated the problems of democracy and hoped for the best.

Take the past election. The economy remained in the dumper, unemployment was at very high levels and public debt was running wild, yet we re-elected the party in charge for the past four years. The answer is simple. Democrats promised to deal with the debt by having the rich pay “their fair share.” The voters were promised no pain, and various social issues were promoted based on their polling results.

If the unelectable conservatives turn out to be right, some big changes will be needed to put the country back on the path to prosperity.

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