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November 17, 2017

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Self-defense claim doesn’t make sense

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Gun advocates constantly use self-defense as a justification for gun proliferation in America. Arming teachers has been discussed. Having armed security on school grounds, arming airplane pilots as well as individuals buying guns for self-protection have all been suggested in the gun debate.

Throughout history, there have been very few instances in America where people have been able to use guns to bring down individual or mass killers, but it makes for a good talking point.

Recently, Chris Kyle and a friend were shot to death at a gun range in Texas. Chris Kyle was a decorated Iraq war veteran and the deadliest military sniper in U.S. history. He was at the range with a friend when a deranged gunman shot and killed them. The gunman then reportedly fled in a truck owned by one of the victims. He was later apprehended.

This case exemplifies the ridiculous self-defense argument. Neither Kyle nor anyone else at the shooting facility could prevent one armed psychopath from committing mayhem.

If one of the deadliest military veterans in U.S. history couldn’t protect himself against gun violence, at a facility where everyone is armed, what are the chances that the common man can defend himself or herself against these armed lunatics?

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