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October 22, 2017

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Senators tried to protect tax money

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In regard to Robert Blanner’s letter, “GOP hypocrisy in skipping Sandy aid”:

Why is it hypocrisy for the senators who voted against the final Sandy bill when they were trying to protect our tax money?

Mr. Blanner showed his dislike of senators of principle when it comes to giving away our tax dollars to areas not covered by the needs of the real victims of Sandy.

The 2005 hurricane relief bill for Katrina was probably not scrutinized as carefully as a 2012 relief bill because we have increased our national debt more than $8 trillion since that time.

Maybe if they had taken a closer look in 2005, they would have tried to tighten the beneficiaries of that relief bill. Today, that is a necessity.

We can’t just keep passing a bill because it makes us feel good. Somebody needs to evaluate each bill and ensure that it benefits only those who actually need it, and I am thankful for 36 senators who tried to do just that.

Why didn’t the other senators try to preserve our dollars while providing relief for those who actually suffered from Sandy?

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