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December 10, 2017

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Drone strikes are getting the job done

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I can only make one comment regarding Archie Weitman’s letter, “Drones effective at cutting casualties”: Bravo, excellent.

Mr. Weitman has hit the nail perfectly on the head. Targets of drone strikes are people who have declared war (holy or otherwise) on our United States.

Because of our foreign policy and alliances, these people hate our government. Because of our progressive Western lifestyle, these people hate Americans and wish to destroy us. An American citizen joining one of these targeted groups becomes a traitor in time of war.

What penalty should such a person pay? Anyone who believes in mercy, lengthy due process, or even reconciliation, for these people, needs to learn the true meaning of the term “infidel” and what that word means to someone with radical religious beliefs.

In the Vietnam war, we dropped more tons of bombs than in World War II and still did not achieve the desired results. Drone strikes seem to be doing much, much better.

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