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January 16, 2018

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Calm the kerfuffle over recycling

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The recent spate of letters arguing against once-a-week trash pickup and increased recycling are becoming maddening, petty and just plain destructive.

Recycling works. And it greatly decreases your accumulation of trash. Period.

I have overflowing bins of recycling at the end of the week and barely enough trash to put out once a week, much less twice. And I have three dogs. And I eat food, probably the same as many of the letter writers who whine that it can’t be done.

Those who say otherwise are either refusing to try or are lazy. Sorry to be so blunt, but it is becoming infuriating to hear repeatedly that many people say they can’t do something that many more of us are doing easily, happily and effortlessly.

As for the cost, get over it. Once you are proficient at recycling — which an elementary school student can easily master in an hour — you will realize that Republic Services is supplying a perfectly adequate and low-priced service while putting fewer, yet more efficient, trucks on the road.

Less pollution, less strain on our infrastructure, fewer injuries and a greater investment in our future. Do you really think it’s the best use of your time and efforts to try to get your Republic bill reduced by 80 cents a month or some similarly petty figure?

How about waking up tomorrow and trying, instead of crying?

The letter writer is not affiliated with Republic Services.

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