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September 26, 2017

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Guns protect us from government

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I was born, raised and educated in Connecticut and retired from a Connecticut work force. I now make my residence in Nevada but still spend summers in Connecticut. I am also a Vietnam veteran with an M.S. in education.

Here is my two cents concerning the Second Amendment issue and the speculation around the intent of our forefathers:

I believe our forefathers had the intent and insight to include the Second Amendment because of the struggle we had to win our independence from England.

They understood that if you disarm the citizens, you render them unable to defend their own freedom. All dictatorships have strict gun laws, not to protect the citizens from one another but to protect those in power from a revolution.

We can discuss or argue about gun control, but the Second Amendment must be upheld to protect our citizens from our own government. It is not, of course, a plot of government to take away our freedom, but if any entity had a notion to move in that direction, an armed citizenry would deter that intent.

This, in my opinion, was and is the intent of the Second amendment.

I am and will remain a concealed-weapons permit holder in two states.

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