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May 28, 2017

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Ethanol subsidies bad for America

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Congratulations are in order to the Sun for the column Sunday written by University of Alabama professor Andrew Morriss revealing how the ethanol lobby is picking our pockets even though we are using ethanol fuel in our cars.

He mentions that ethanol fuels are damaging to a car’s fuel system. The E85 blend available in most areas is OK to use in most newer cars that are flex-fuel designated; otherwise, they are very damaging to the fuel lines, reduce lubricants’ effectiveness and reduce gas mileage.

He failed to point out that as early as last year, an E15 blend was made available in some states. The EPA insisted the blend had been tested extensively for its safety. However, soon after its use, AAA issued a warning against its use in most cars. Most major auto manufacturers warned that the use of E15 would void the warranty and any claims for fuel line damage would not be honored.

Since the lobbyists persuaded Congress to force ethanol fuels on us, Americans have paid the price in more expensive cars, lesser quality fuels and higher food prices. With the ethanol subsidies, farmers change their food production to corn, seeing a real bonanza. Land converted to corn lowers the production of other crops, and the higher prices for feed corn causes the prices of meat and dairy products to skyrocket.

Who would be hurt by loss of subsidies? Distillers with their big checkbooks, lobbyists through loss of fees and congressmen with open palms.

Who would gain? The American public through cheaper food and more efficient cars. Keep gas in our cars and ethanol in whiskey.

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