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September 26, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Don’t undermine the Constitution

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President Barack Obama shouldn’t waste his “political coin” on losing fights.

Virtually all Americans support getting the country back to work; diversifying the economy; and getting the budget, deficit and debt under control. Mature Americans know we have to act to protect the social safety net. Reasonable Americans will accept that we don’t need hundreds of military bases in nearly 160 foreign nations (and probably fewer than the several thousand here) for security.

Obama promised a strong economy, peace, security, fiscal responsibility, education, health and restoring America’s reputation, and I voted for him and all those things.

He did not promise, and I do not support, undermining the Second Amendment.

Helping the mentally disturbed, better policing and stiffer penalties for all violent criminals are all effective methods. Most gun laws are useless because it is not the lawful use of the most “dangerous” weapons that is the problem.

Criminals already are violating the laws; they aren’t bothered by stealing, smuggling and illegally purchasing the guns they use to break other laws. They also have few qualms about using bombs, poison, drugs, knives and vehicles (the planes on 9/11 killed more people than any mass shooting event ever).

While I agree with most of my fellow citizens who believe that all gun sales — including private sales — should be registered and subject to background checks, I don’t agree with those who are ready to violate the Second and the First amendments, and I don’t believe the House is ready either.

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