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September 21, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Selfishness is damaging Nevada

Regarding the Sun’s editorial, “For the children?”:

After reading the grim statistics about how Nevada ranks as a state, regarding how we have supported our children, we should bow our heads in shame.

Here’s how I see it. You can divide our Nevada adult population into two groups. We have the selfish and self-centered who believe their rights as Americans entitle them to climb to the top of the economic pyramid over the lower middle class and the poor. The other group by nature has a more giving, generous character and truly believes we are all one human race. If someone is down, you help them up. It’s called “caring.”

Why is Nevada on the bottom of the food chain as to how we treat our young citizens? Because the conservative viewpoints are supported and implemented by our state government. People don’t want to hear the word “taxes.” Gee, “take my money to help others?” Where did that notion come from?

What we hear are things like, “I don’t have kids in school” or “My kids are not addicted to drugs, so why should I pay for education and community programs?”

People should think twice before voting against raising state tax revenues. How can we have better schools, fewer young people dropping out, less crime, more children with health care and less drug abuse among the young?

Some Tea Party people love to talk about morals. Well, where are the morals when it comes to letting our school system degrade to one of the lowest in the nation? Where are the morals when we have 10,000 homeless hungry children in Las Vegas?

Don’t you dare say, “Just cut spending on silly programs.” The little help that we actually offer our own is a moral disgrace. We are no longer the nation of giving and caring people. We are now a divided nation, with gluttons out to protect their own hide, no matter what it takes.

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