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October 22, 2017

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The GOP and the presidential race

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In response to Michael Casler’s letter, “Congress has no desire to change,” the title is fine but the letter is not. Mr. Casler appears to be walking right down the middle while trying hard not to disclose his support for the right. It must be hard to walk that way!

To be fair, there is enough blame to go around in both parties, but the fundamental beliefs of each party will never coincide. There have always been stark differences between the parties, but the 2008 election brought their core values to the forefront. The question was, “Is the country ready for a black president?” The answer is no. We don’t talk about racism, but we should.

The Republican Party made it clear from day one that its goal was to make Obama a one-term president, but it failed. The Republicans’ failure drove them to double down on their obstructionism agenda.

The Republican House has not passed or brought forward any bill of substance in four-plus years to help the majority of its citizenry. The Republican Party is wasting our time on its personal vendetta. The Republicans’ ratings are plummeting, and they have destroyed the trust some voters mistakenly placed in them.

No matter what Obama says, proposes or nominates, the Republican Party is against it. It’s hard to believe Obama has not had a good idea since taking office. The statement that both parties are to blame is only partially true. One party is intellectual; the other is heartless. The winner is?

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