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November 21, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Congress will lead us to our slaughter

Any fear we the people have about governmental surveillance is minuscule and pales in comparison with the actual insidious cancer from within that is slowly killing us, our freedoms and our democracy.

It is a monster eating away our planet. It is putting our women at serious risk. It is preventing our children from achieving their potential. It is restraining our economy by preventing potential future entrepreneurs from entry onto our land. It is literally starving our people as it sustains the machines we humans invented and now consider to be human.

The instrument it uses to take our freedom, our lives and our souls from us is the monster of collective hubris harbored in impassable chambers of law created by the monster itself. The monster that holds us incapacitated in its talons is Congress — fat, comfortably fed, powerful and with health protected by the amoral tenets of the uncontrolled capitalistic greed of money and power.

Our congressional monster creates pain and chaos among citizens by doing nothing to prevent it. Instead, it breathes hot air into meaningless investigations while our democracy disintegrates, our Constitution is spit on, our planet burns, our poor starve, our children go without educations, our infrastructure crumbles and our men and women lose their lives to unjust and meaningless wars.

Fear not the enemy without. Fear the enemy within.

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