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September 25, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

You have a right to fire off an opinion

Words used by single individuals — such as Hitler, Pol Pot and many others — have caused more innocent deaths of men, women and children than any single individual with any kind of gun.

So, it’s only common sense to propose, for the safety of our children, that everyone needs to pass a government background check to qualify to talk.

Everyone will be restricted from using words that look like assault words.

They’ll also be restricted from using more than 10 words at a time, and they’ll have to get a tag and pay a fee to use automatic words.

Only government officials will be allowed to talk at schools and select public buildings and properties.

Sounds ridiculous, right? It’s no more ridiculous than doing the same for a gun.

Background checks have never been shown to stop any kind of violent crime — just the opposite is probably true.

The Second Amendment is there for one main reason, along with the First: To be free, the people need to always reserve the right of free speech and reserve the right to be as well-armed as the government.

If the people do not agree with this, then there is a right way to change it: Repeal the Second Amendment. Otherwise, there shouldn’t be any more government involvement to own a gun than there is to talk. Background checks do nothing except allow government to know who has a gun, for government’s safety, surely not the people’s.

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