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September 19, 2017

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Fixing economy must come first

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I am trying to get my mind around Doyle McManus’ column Tuesday, “Do nothing Congress does something.” Is he saying gun control is more important than our nation’s financial situation? I refuse to believe that any sane citizen could possibly believe this. This is alarming in any context, especially when you consider the number of people who depend on the government for their very existence.

What does he believe is going to happen when our government can no longer pay our bills? What are his plans when our fellow citizens, with no other options, are forced to take to the streets and find food wherever they can? The fact that Congress refuses to stop deficit spending by lowering the unemployment rate is what is really worth talking about. Our elected officials are busy wasting time on issues like gun control when the survival of our nation is in doubt.

It might be a good idea for McManus to read the column right under his in the Sun. In “The scary hidden stressor,” Thomas Friedman is again on his global warming soapbox, but in his column he does a great job of pointing out some of what happens when food becomes hard to find.

I would gladly support Congress addressing issues like gun control and global warming if first it took care of the much more important issue. We need action, and if respected political columnists like McManus and Friedman were to add their voices to our cause, we would all have a better chance to overcome our Congress’ inaction.

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