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October 16, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Legal bribery leads to economic ruin

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Doesn’t anyone find it strange that we prosecute anyone who attempts to bribe foreign officials as a violation of the corruption act yet we allow lobbyists on K Street to pay off our politicians?

It’s to a point where special interests get paid attention to, legislation is passed to assist these people and businesses, and they legally avoid paying taxes that they normally would have to pay.

Where in our Constitution does it say that it’s OK to legally pay off politicians by contributing enormous sums to their campaigns in return for favors?

Our Constitution says that the people can petition their elected officials. It doesn’t say they have to contribute money to their campaigns.

Is it any wonder that we are sliding economically and the country is so in debt? That coupled with the disaster of eight years of a Republican, Bush agenda has really set us back. It’s now at a point where, hypocritically, these same characters are now demanding and holding all of us hostage to their fiscal demands.

There is an appropriate expression for all of these actions: What you abuse, you lose. I wonder whether we will ever wake up.

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