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October 22, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Marriage weds church to state

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The United States is based on our Constitution, and the states that comprise our union should get out of the marriage business entirely.

The Supreme Court’s only legitimate role should be to make that statement clear. The states should follow this approach.

A “marriage” is a function of whatever religious path you and your partner have chosen for yourselves.

It should be between you, your partner and your religion.

A “civil union” under law is a legitimate function of the state and should not discriminate based on the gender of the participants.

The state does have an obligation to define what constitutes a civil union.

Marriage is a function of your chosen belief; a civil union is a function of the state.

Have you asked why a priest, rabbi, pastor or reverend should be licensed by the state to perform a marriage? It is a religious ceremony!

Have you asked why the state recognizes your religious ceremony under law and requires you to obtain the license from the state, and requires the functionary of your chosen religion performing the ceremony to be licensed by the state, as well?

Weaving the church and state issues together is the problem, and in my opinion all marriages that have been performed in this manner are invalid and unconstitutional.

The only valid ones that should be recognized under law would be those performed by a justice of the peace or a judge.

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