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November 22, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Middle class, poor getting a raw deal

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Webster’s definition of a lobbyist: A person who tries to get legislators to introduce or vote for measures favorable to a special interest that he represents.

Would I be wrong to say that these special interests would have something to do with the rich people of America? Who are the lobbyists for the middle class or poor? “Oh,” you say. “They are the politicians in Washington. They represent the rich, middle class and poor.”

If that is the case, why do the rich need lobbyists? My generation worked in a form of harmony with the rich to the benefit of all.

Today the rich work in harmony with other rich; that excludes any harmony with the classes below them.

Do not look to the two-party system, made up of millionaires and people on their way to becoming millionaires as they get re-elected.

We, the middle class, are along for the ride. When the crash comes, guess who will survive the impact?

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