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Rebels basketball:

Freshman guard Reinhardt will transfer from UNLV

Despite playing nearly 30 minutes per game last year, Katin Reinhardt is looking for more opportunities somewhere else


Sam Morris / Las Vegas Sun

UNLV guard Katin Reinhardt talks to television reporters before practice for their second round NCAA Tournament game against Cal Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif.

UNLV Runnin' Rebel Katin Reinhardt

UNLV guard Katin Reinhardt drives to the basket during their game against Canisius Saturday, Dec. 22, 2012 at the Thomas & Mack. The Runnin' Rebels won 89-74. Launch slideshow »

Maybe it’s just something in the blood.

After vehemently denying transfer rumors at the end of the regular season, UNLV freshman Katin Reinhardt is looking for a new home, Rebels coach Dave Rice confirmed. Rice spoke with Reinhardt and his father, Ernie, late Sunday night.

“It’s impossible in 2013 to keep everyone on your team happy,” Rice said. There have been nearly 900 Division I transfers over the past two seasons.

While multiple sources pin the difference in opinion of how Reinhardt should be used on his father, Ernie, it’s also sort of a tradition at his high school to transfer. According to Yahoo! Sports, of the nine Mater Dei High players ranked in the Rivals top 150 since 2007, Reinhardt is the eighth to transfer at least once.

And overall this will be Reinhardt’s third commitment, though it could be the second time he pledges his services to Southern Cal. That’s where Reinhardt originally committed before reopening his recruitment, a decision that didn’t sit well with then-USC coach Kevin O’Neill.

Now the coach is Andy Enfield with former San Diego State assistant Tony Bland on the staff. That’s where most expect Reinhardt to land, though it certainly could end up being a different Pac-12 school.

Reinhardt did not return any messages for comment, but in 2011 the Los Angeles Times wrote a story about the Mater Dei trend and used Reinhardt as the lead.

“Everybody jokes around that it's a Mater Dei tradition,” Reinhardt told the paper.

Ernie was also quoted in the story.

"We wanted to make sure USC was the right fit," he said.

That’s what they thought they found in UNLV and few could argue considering how much Reinhardt played as a true freshman despite obvious room to grow both in shot selection and ball handling. Starting all but one game, Reinhardt played the second-most minutes, attempted the second-most shots and averaged the fourth-most points per game on the team. Still, that wasn’t enough.

Reinhardt asked for more time at point guard, Rice said. And while Rice would allow Reinhardt to compete in the mix with the other four point guard options — sophomore Daquan Cook, junior college transfers DeVille Smith and Jelan Kendrick and freshman Kendall Smith — he wouldn’t guarantee him any time there.

“Katin and Ernie feel like Katin’s best opportunity to play in the NBA is to play more minutes at the point guard position,” Rice said. “And they are concerned about his opportunity to do that here.”

Rice was criticized for giving Reinhardt too much freedom not for reining him in, which makes the demands for an even larger role very strange to people outside the program. It’s unlikely Reinhardt would have played as much (29.2 minutes per game) nearly anywhere else in the country, yet Reinhardt is willing to sit out a year in a search for something better.

He’s the third Rebel to leave the program early from last year’s team. Fellow freshman Anthony Bennett declared for the NBA Draft, where he’s expected to be a top five pick, and Mike Moser can play immediately for one final season at Oregon.

UNLV currently has one open scholarship. Rice said he plans to keep that open to accommodate a possible midyear transfer. That’s how the Rebels got Pitt transfer Khem Birch in Rice’s first season.

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  1. Parents tend to think much more highly of their kids talent than the college coaches whose careers depend on the team's success.
    Good luck to Katin, wherever he lands.

  2. Katin had it all going for him at UNLV. Minutes galore, freedom to shoot at will, leader of next year's team that is primed for big things, and the support and backing of all the Rebel fans.

    Whoever convinced Katin he should transfer right now is a fool.

    I wish him well. But this is a mistake and a major letdown to every UNLV fan.

    I'm excited for the rest of our team--plenty of new faces entering the program next season who we'll love cheering for at the Mack.

  3. Very disappointed with this decision by Katin. Not sure he can find a coach that was in his corner and supported him more than Coach Rice(probably much more than he should have). Katin was awful at point when he played this year. Not sure what kind of guarantee he is looking for. Coach Rice guaranteed that Katin could compete at point guard. I guess that is not enough for some players. Did he want a guarantee that he would start at point without any competition? Do not wish anything bad for the kid but he is just another example of how soft and pampered these high profile recruits can be. God forbid you should ever have to work hard and prove that you deserve your success.

  4. I'm glad that Dave Rice told Reinhardt that he was going to have to compete. Reinhardt didn't want that, so Rice told him to go. Rice made a huge mistake in even recruiting him in the first place. I hope he stays away from Mater Dei going forward.

    Reinhardt is just another prima donna. He can't handle criticism. He doesn't want to compete. He would've turned into a cancer on next year's team.

  5. I can't fiqure out whether or not this is Reinhardt being stupid or if this is a "Rice thing", in which players have lost confidence in his ability to get it done.

  6. how many more minutes did he need !!!!!! every game I watched he was always in there .rice should do like mike gundy of Oklahoma state did to the teams qb . block his transfer and teach him a lesson about commitment . somebody gave him some bad advice . he wont play as much as he did at unlv . nba talent far from it !!!!!!

  7. Good Bye!! Don't let the doors of the biggest fan base on the west coast at the Thomas and Mack hit you on the way out.. Big mistake Katin.. The Rebels are deep next year again, now it is up to Rice to see what he can do with the talent we have..

  8. @bobbyh62 - So, Rice shouldn't have recruited any point guards for next year and handed the position to Reinhardt?

  9. Good riddance.

  10. good riddance. i thought he was overrated anyway. he can take his lousy shot selection, shooting percentage and lack of defensive skills with him to the PAC 12. he doesn't have the skills to be a true point. he couldn't guard a grandmother in a wheelchair let alone some of the quickest point guards in the country. Jones and kendrick are much better options at shooting guard then him. i won't miss watching this kid launching 3 pointers as soon as he crosses half court and sees an opening anymore. now we can get more shots for the other players and higher percentage shots at that instead of the wasted shot reinhardt would take.

  11. I never seen a player get so verbally abused by his own teamates, such as Justin Hawkins, on the sidelines. It speaks to his selfishness as a player.

    I'm glad he's gone because to play a running style you have to be quick, fast, and pressure the ball like Anderson Hunt. He is no Anderson Hunt.

  12. I understand I think its good for both sides. He can transfer sit out a year and practice strictly at the point which after last year he was exposed.
    UNLV recruiting will continue the best players play and not be held hostage by an individual's agenda.
    I got no problem with Katin I think he realizes he has a lot of work to do and USC will get a nice finished product in the end.

  13. Props to Dave Rice for not giving into this kids self interest. Run As One. Good luck Katin.

  14. @patticcus - I wasn't at any of the games last year, but I did the game where Justin Hawkins yelled at him on the court. How often did he get yelled at by teammates on the sideline?

  15. I also say good riddance! He would often infuriate me last season with his incessant "ball jacking". I always got the impression that he was trying to showcase his talents for the scouts instead of trying to win. Looks like I was right!

  16. @rebeltom (Tommy Thomason) - It would be nice for Dave Rice to land some Las Vegas kids for 2015. I figure that, like Anthony Marshall, they would play for the name on the front of the jersey as opposed to the back.

  17. Best of luck to Katin, but I don't see how he thinks he's going to be a pg in the NBA if he's worried about starting on his college team. If you can't beat out your teammates in college for the spot, you're not making it to the NBA, period. If he wishes to be closer to his family, I can respect that, but transferring to play the point just tells me he didn't feel like he was better than his own teammates.

  18. This just cements my opinion that we had nothing more than prima donna's last year instead of a team.

    Good riddance Katin.......maybe your next team will also carry you on a throne into and out of the arena.....since that's the only thing Coach Rice didn't do for you.

  19. Good riddance- guy is a loser.

  20. He'll be a descent SG as a senior or redshirt senior. I think that's the only reason UNLV fans tolerated his terrible shot selection--they figured that he'd be a solid player for UNLV some day down the road. This is by far the smallest departure we had this offseason. It's now time for Birch, BJD, and Goodman to shine.

  21. Amazing over 900 transfers and the NCAA worries about coaches cheating when recruiting??? Their has to be some sort of regulation put on players so they can not use the college programs just as a stepping stone to the NBA. Many programs are being hurt each year with this musical player game and coaches and AD's loose their jobs over it. This is a big problem and needs to be addressed!!!!!!!

  22. I figured this was coming after the rumors started. Anyway, thanks and good luck.

    I am curious how close he is to maxing his potential because of the defensive issues.

  23. @irishspy: I see nothing wrong with players or students transferring to better their future prospects, isn't college supposed to improve your post education career and life? Also, how many current players, whom are transfers, are you willing to exclude from the team: Khem, BDJ, De Ville Smith, Roscoe Smith, perhaps more.

    Good luck to Katin.

  24. Of course, I meant BDJ, not BJD.

    To another point. Like many commenters, I wonder how Dantley Walker will do at UNLV. I've seen his videos, and I just wonder how his blow-by-short-slow-guys-and-throw-up-a-lay-up inside game will translate to the college game. That said, the worst case scenario is that he gives us a descent outside shot and not much more on the court. Seems like the same thing Katin offered, with a more team first attitude. Maybe we should give Dantley a break.

  25. This is a loss. A catastrophic one? No. But a loss nonetheless. We can pick apart his game & find LOTS of holes but the kid could shoot it & he wasnt afraid to take the big shot either...and fearless, pure shooters dont grow on trees. There is no way anybody can say we are better offensively now that he is gone...especially given how Rice's whole system is based on playing inside out to get shooters clean looks.

    On the bright side...our team defense just got better (!) & there is no doubt whatsoever that we will HAVE TO extend our defense and REALLY "Run as One" now.

    Having said all that...what a short sighted & absolutely clueless decision! This is on par with Grant Jarret going pro at AZ. It makes NO SENSE! Newsflash: If you're 6'5, have decent handles, can shoot it & create your own shot...you can play the 2 in the NBA. If you're good, they'll find a spot for you.

    As if he is going to step into USC or a Pac 12 school, after sitting out a yr, & start at PG? A position he has never played before at DI? Not gonna happen. As if he'd get more shots there as opposed to at UNLV? Not gonna happen. As if any coach, who wants to win, is going to look at him & say "He's better at the 2 but we'll play him at the 1 because that's what he & his dad want?" Not gonna happen. The stupidity of this move baffles the mind. He was handed the keys to the kingdom here...it'd be HIS team in a yr...and he throws it all away in attempt to be something he isnt right now & to be a role player somewhere else later. Wow.

    Kudos to Rice for putting the program first. And my condolences to him for getting burned by a kid he gave every chance in the world to. Yeah, I think I'm leaning towards "good riddance" too.

  26. I think it is a mistake by him also but is his decision to make. I wish him luck and wish him well wherever he ends up. There is no way this makes UNLV a better team but it isn't a complete devastation either. I think his poor three point shot selecttion, and subsequently not being held accountable for them, is a direct result of what I think is the biggest flaw in Coach Rice's coaching philosophy. That being that everyone is given the green light to shoot a three if they feel they are open. Katin wasn't the only one to fire up terrible shots last year and certainly won't be the last. I think he is the first of what will be many future Rebels that don't work out due to lack of accountability unless this flaw in the coaching philosophy is eliminated.

  27. @Casper - I think the shot selection will be fine next year. Dejean-Jones started to get it towards the end of the season. His shot selection was much better, and his shooting percentages were way up as a result.

  28. This just confirms one thing...that both UNLV and STDSU lost James Rahon this offseason.

  29. He's slow, he makes terrible decisions, and he's not a huge 3 point threat. Yes, I understand that he's young, but I don't think he got significantly better as the year went on. His poor decisions were directly responsible for some of the losses. I'm glad he's leaving.

  30. He was better in him mind than he was on the court. Glad to see him go. Now if only Rice would change locations.

  31. If Kaitin thinks he can run in the NBA, I recommend he Google's the name Gerry McNamara. Kaitin couldn't carry McNamara's jock and GMAC logged exactly ZERO regular season NBA minutes. Zero.

    And this is a lucky break for the Rebels. Kaitin's minutes will now be better used by the new guards they have coming in that are three way players - offense, defense and transition.

  32. Aloha,

    I usually do not commit on basketball, but this specific issue is a must!!!

    Two (2) years ago there was a local recruit from Sierra Vista (Viko Noma'aea) that was the PERFECT fit for coach Rice's program & they let him go. Now he is with Utah State coming back from his Mormon mission. The coaches their signed him on watching "film." Mark my words & by God's grace & direction, he will be a HUGE headache for UNLV because now they are in the Mountain West. Viko is not only an extremely hard worker with outstanding ethics - attitude inherited from his parents (Ohana), but his natural ability go far and beyond.

    Furthermore if Viko is at the top of his game & he has the players surrounding him, it will be a long.......night for all opposing teams.

    Most importantly, we sometimes FORGET who gives us the ability to take another breath of life everyday & have the skills to compete at the top level, which is our Lord Jesus Christ. So at the end of the day, it is all because of Him.

    God Bless

  33. Two words: DANTLEY WALKER