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January 16, 2018

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Letter to the editor:

Government is root of our frustration

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Regarding Debbie Starr’s letter, “Republicans are OK with this?”:

It’s hard to believe how people are caught up with government propaganda and bad news coverage. It is not the corporations in America where the problems lie, but large government and over-regulation.

We can no longer afford to keep putting people on government handout programs and must rein in all payouts by the government in every corner they reach.

Disability and welfare laws have to be readdressed; give help to the people who are in need and get the cheats out of the system. We have to close a lot of doors in Washington, turn out the lights and gut the programs we don’t need. We need real leadership in Washington. We need to get rid of the spenders and those who hang on year after year and spend our tax dollars on their special projects.

Don’t blame the corporations; blame the government that made the laws by which the corporations to operate. Starr’s frustration shows in her letter, but she’s blaming the wrong people.

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