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January 20, 2018

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Letter to the editor:

A failure to look at all the options

F. George Tucker states in his letter in Friday’s Las Vegas Sun that all major democracies have national health care systems, including Germany, France and Britain. He could add Canada to the list.

The system we are being asked to accept was ramrodded through the Congress without the yea-sayers clearly understanding all the nuances of the system or even reading what they were voting for.

Would it not have been prudent to investigate the systems prevalent in those democracies that Tucker mentioned, sifted through the good and bad points of each system and then applied what would be appropriate for us? Our American arrogance probably prevented us from doing so.

Would it not have been prudent for our congressional representatives and President Barack Obama to have clearly explained the Affordable Care Act to the American people?

The town-hall meetings that were held were a disaster because our elected officials could not answer even the most basic of questions.

The system that is being implemented is flawed. All Republicans are asking is to hold off for a year; understand it, debate it in Congress and then implement what is understood and agreed upon by all Americans.

The Democrats keep insisting that the ACA is now a law of the land. If so, why is it that approximately 1,200 entities, the president and his family, all the Cabinet members and their aides, all the senators and their aides, and sundry others are being exempted from it?

I was under the impression that laws enacted by Congress applied to all Americans equally, regardless of rank. I would have expected our president to be the first in line to sign up considering he wants this to be his signature achievement.

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