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October 17, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

GOP’s tactics are shameful

The Republican Party is a disgrace to politics and has dishonored our Founding Fathers. They lose elections, except those where they can use gerrymandering. They’ve lost five of the past six presidential elections, based on the popular vote. In 2012, they lost the popular vote in the House by 1.4 million votes, but kept the majority through gerrymandering.

In the past two sessions of Congress, the GOP set records for filibusters and kept Democratic bills from coming up for a vote. In the House, they won’t bring anything up for a vote unless they’re assured a majority Republican vote count. So in both houses, Republicans are preventing Democratic legislation from coming to a vote.

The GOP is reminiscent of the bully in the schoolyard or the spoiled brat who throws a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. The GOP can’t win a fair election, so it just stops the voting process in Congress on anything that is against its ideology.

Republicans do not represent the American people. They represent themselves. They represent their own personal interests and the pre-approved collective ideology established by their leaders.

Thank goodness there is a cure for this sickness; it’s called a ballot box. Republicans will continue to try to game the system whenever possible by making it harder for Democrats to vote. There is a downside to this tactic: It rankles the American people. The American people will have their voices heard and the votes counted.

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