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October 18, 2017

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letter to the editor:

America is in bad shape nowadays

I read Brian Greenspun’s Sunday column “It seems like our republic is moving backward.” He wrote about an America that is like a foreign country compared with what I was brought up in as a child and a young man.

I am 80 now, and my memory of the great society I was part of is still fresh in this old man’s memories. I was a child during those times that made America great in so many ways.

We had a functioning two-party government. We had no welfare, only working legal citizens. I never heard the word divorce; we only had hardworking two-parent families. We had no illegal drugs, street gangs or prisons that were overflowing. We went to the movies for clean entertainment.

I remember crushing cans and collecting all kinds of metal for the war effort during World War II. Yes, we won that war because everyone was behind it 100 percent.

Now we have the opposite of the great society. We are involved in no-win wars to make the rich richer. The divorce rate is out of sight. We have entertainment that makes my generation hide our heads in shame and a two-party system that is so dysfunctional it makes one wonder how in the world we can claim to be No. 1 in anything.

Yes, Mr. Greenspun, I will still vote to the day I die, but believe me, my heart is not in it anymore.

P.S. My generation loved America; we were never in fear of it, like we are today.

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