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October 16, 2017

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letter to the editor:

Paul’s hypocrisy is easy to see through

Stating “people don’t like hypocrisy,” Rand Paul defended his salacious comment of President Bill Clinton’s tryst with Monica Lewinsky, saying “there is no war on women.”

“It is the other side (Democrats), making this up.”

Paul is not aware of the facts. He said that President Clinton had taken advantage of a young innocent intern; fact is, Lewinsky had the president in her sights before she left for Washington, confiding to a friend that she was going to “do him.”

More facts that Paul is oblivious to is the outright affront the Republican’s have towards women? Trying to repeal Roe v. Wade is No. 1.

Closing women’s clinics in the South is No. 2, which is a close No. 3 to invasive gynecological exams of pregnant women.

It seems a complete disconnect for the GOP to say, “Get government out of health care, but get government in your vagina.” Of course, the GOP has abused women for so long, they don’t know the difference. Unfortunately, the GOP has such a fantastic disconnect from compassionate Christian values, they cannot see their great hypocrisy.

Another disconnect is saying that “loose” women should be forced to have their unwanted babies (Probably impregnated by a brute male, who doesn’t want to raise a child — therefore so many unwed mothers). The GOP doesn’t want to help feed those babies, denying women food stamps, health care and financial aid. “Hello!”

Paul can say what he says all day long, it will never wash with the facts. It’s sad that he needs to malign others to try to make himself look good, but fact is we can all see through his hypocrisy.

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