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January 17, 2018

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letter to the editor:

Paul’s rant doesn’t deserve attention

Maureen Dowd scored better than a half page of publication with the most insipid, guttural writing I have ever seen in the legitimate press. She has lowered the journalism bar by getting this into print.

Ron Paul has once again grabbed media attention with his ponderings about the Democrats. His latest rip is an excavation of Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. In addition to the press he scored with this op-ed, he was given a forum on “Meet the Press” to not only spout his thinking but also engage in a conversation about it.

The news media run with everything he says and fail to challenge the relevance of his outpouring — or even call him on lying. (Paul is quoted as saying, “I’ve never met a Republican who was against birth control …).

Any reasonable person who looked at the Clinton debacle back then was probably shocked and disgusted by it — but moving forward to today, consider that what goes on between Bill and Hillary is none of our business.

Yes, Bill is popular now — but perhaps it is because of all the magnificent work he has done since his term ended. Perhaps he has achieved some sort of redemption. However they did it, God bless them.

Whatever is going on with Bill and Hillary, it is absurd to factor it in as political conversation.

I have a suggestion for the political media. Every time they court an abysmal story such as this one, they tell the politician that the next story has to be about how they voted on a bill or participated in a compromise — you know, did their job. Guys like Paul would disappear from sight, and we could all discuss baseball.

Dowd’s column belongs in supermarket checkout magazines, along with the UFO abductions.

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