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January 18, 2018

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letter to the editor:

Clean energy can save our planet

Because of the polluted atmosphere and the depletion of Earth’s natural resources, renewable energy is no longer justa healthy alternative to fossil fuel — it’s an immediate necessity to cure America’s air.

Greenhouse gases, primarily emitted from the United States, are burning a hole in the protective ozone layer, rendering the earth vulnerable to dangerously rapid and unprecedented climate changes across the planet.

According to BBC Radio Scotland, we would need at least two more Earths to sustain us all if the rest of the world expended energy at the same rate that America currently does. The globe is predicted to face natural disasters of tremendous proportions in the future as a result of one country’s irresponsibility.

Green energy is recovered immediately after its use; therefore, there is no threat of diminishing it. Sources of renewable energy include natural forces such as wind, waves and tides, gravity, geothermal energy and landfill gases.

As well as being extremely beneficial for the environment, clean energy is considered to be more economical for consumers and producers.

Humans have a moral obligation to nurture the planet that supports them, and the resources necessary to do so are immediately available to them. The only thing obstructing the progress of this great nation is the predisposition of a portion of the political populous to postpone progress.

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