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July 22, 2017

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letter to the editor:

Horsford unwilling to tackle problems

I found the Tuesday article “Steven Horsford, Darrell Issa and Congress’ most politicized committee” fascinating. Let me give another perspective.

Rep. Steven Horsford’s quote is revealing: “It’s my job to represent my constituents who don’t think that that’s the way government should work, that our elected officials should be more responsible and more responsive.”

What does that mean? We shouldn’t pursue discovery of the truth in the case of the IRS or Benghazi?

His border photo op with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and sympathizing with the “poor children” is all part of a carefully orchestrated campaign to be re-elected. You don’t hear him asking the real question, “Why has the president chosen not to enforce our immigration laws?” Or maybe, “Why hasn’t he used his pen and phone to seal the border so we don’t have the problem?”

Here is a man backed by the Reid machine, in a district that is dominantly Democrat, where he thinks all he has to do is have lots of photo ops, smile a lot and have his remarks printed by the local newspapers because re-election is a done deal. Why pay attention to the real problems we face when it involves political risk?

He is a member of the important Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. With the large number of scandals, one would expect a high level of performance to find facts, which is not the case.

Horsford says he hasn’t seen anything that points to the White House in the IRS scandal. Does he believe there’s no problem with the IRS?

If you are represented by Horsford, you should watch C-SPAN when the committee is in session. You will see the same smiling face chastising Chairman Darrell Issa and in turn blaming Republicans for causing the investigation — right out of the Democrat playbook!

When he does ask questions, they contribute nothing to uncovering the truth. I believe that the IRS is completely out of control and that there is evidence of wrongdoing. The truth needs to be discovered, but Horsford will make no contribution to that end. I asked him whether he had seen any evidence of wrongdoing; he didn’t reply.

Horsford should save the taxpayers some money by just staying home.

It is high time that every voter gets off their backside and find out for themselves what is going on.

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