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November 17, 2017

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letter to the editor:

Lawyers certainly aren’t asleep

It appears America has too many attorneys.

Every time you open a newspaper, visit the Internet or turn on the TV, someone is suing someone for who knows what.

Some suits are well within reason, but lately it appears law firms will generate even the most ridiculous scenarios to fatten their poke.

Because someone joked about a fan falling asleep at Yankee Stadium, some attorney must think he can bilk millions out of corporations to fatten his own pocket.

We must realize, if he wins it will come out of our pockets because every cent lost by corporations gets made up by the consumer.

Should I beware of dozing off in a chick flick at a movie my wife wants to see?

Also consider how many law firms are trying to generate massive class action suits against drug companies, health aids and hospitals. Does anyone think it is to provide better products? Hell, no. It is only for their firm’s benefit.

I truly can’t believe that some jury panels have awarded millions of dollars in some of the most frivolous or ridiculous lawsuits.

People scream about taxes but handing out awards that go mostly to the law firms is like raising a tariff on all consumers.

We now have another major cost to the taxpayers.

For political reasons, our House Congressional members will spend possibly $5 million suing our president for doing the same thing past presidents have done.

Is this the new free America?

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