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September 20, 2017

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letter to the editor:

Who’s running the country?

A significant and growing number of U.S. citizens feel politics have put this country as we knew it in jeopardy, if not decline.

Sadly, most are justified in knowing that our elected representatives and senators believe what their respective national committees tell them to believe, and act accordingly. Both use the media, which they slant to convince us what their party dictates that we think.

Doesn’t it follow that, in fact, the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee — and not the citizens of this country — are running the USA?

What a sad realization that “we the people” have given up control of the greatest country on Earth to a self-indulgent, greedy few. They have convinced us that, using the rules we laid down in our own Constitution, what they are doing is “good for us”! This is true both on a national and local level.

For example, starting a war without congressional declaration by calling it by another name. Look at the obviously lopsided propaganda in our politically fed media! And the reckless, if not illegal, activities that we condone in the “lobbying” practices in our government!

So-called lobbyists trade favors, gifts and, yes, money for votes that change our laws and our destiny — and we allow it because our “representatives” have decided that’s OK.

If we consider the consequences of these facts, we must choose to mandate a new direction. Some suggestions might be to vote against all incumbents and limit both senators and representatives to one six-year term. Our present elected officials are clearly interested in only “the good of the party.” Their self-interest in getting re-elected and increasing their personal wealth blatantly trumps the good of the people and the country!

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