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January 19, 2018

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letter to the editor:

Guns have no place in modern society

Las Vegas is mourning the senseless murders of two young police officers. We also mourn the loss of a young man who tried to do the right thing with his concealed weapon and got shot in the back. We even mourn the loss of the young couple who sacrificed their lives to advance a screwball “revolution” that had something to do with anti-government guys in camouflage pointing loaded high-power weapons at federal and local law enforcement officers.

We mourn together. We hold hands, hug and weep. And our elected officials are right there at the head of the line, wringing their hands and telling us that they don’t know how or why such tragedies can happen. Let’s all pray and grieve and sing “Kumbaya” and call it a day and go back to business as usual.

The people with the power to change the sickening reality of gun violence — our elected representatives — are not going to do a thing about it.

They don’t have the guts to speak the obvious: that there are too many guns, which have no legitimate place in our modern society.

Mr. Elected Representative: How many young lives are to be sacrificed at the altar of guns? How many schoolchildren? How many lunching police officers? How many well-meaning people with concealed carry permits who try to be heroes and get murdered for their trouble?

How much irrational rain about “a well-regulated militia” requiring that semi-automatic weapons with hundred-round magazines be available to anybody can we listen to without retching?

And Mr. Citizen, what are you doing about it?

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