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September 26, 2017

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What moms really want for Mother’s Day

We’ve all been there. It’s a week before Mother’s Day, and your mom is impossible to shop for. Sure, she says it doesn’t matter what you get her, as long as it’s from the heart. Of course she’s going to say that — she’s your mother. So we talked to real moms around the Las Vegas Valley to get their idea of what a perfect Mother’s Day gift would be. Here's what they said:

I would really love to have a great picture of my son and me together. I’ve realized that I’m never in the photos because I’m the one taking them. Oh, and I would really like to have my pregnancy boobs back.

— LaMeka A., 34, retail sales, single mother of a 4-year-old

• • •

I’d rather have a plant or a bush instead of flowers, something I can actually keep alive instead of throwing out next week. Actually, if you want to know the truth, what I really want is for my kids to get the heck out of my house, get jobs and stop asking me for money.

— Bobbie Alvarez, 41, office manager and mother of three, ages 23, 20 and 16

• • •

My perfect Mother’s Day gift would be spending a nice, relaxing day with just my mother. We would start by getting pampered, have our nails done, get massages and do some shopping! To top off the day, we would meet back up with my husband and kids to have dinner and enjoy some family time. Or, a great gift would be a nice family trip to the beach for a couple weeks. Either one would be awesome!

— Heather Lewis, 35, stay-at-home mother of two, ages 2 and 3

• • •

Mother’s day has never been about the cards, flowers or gifts. It’s about being with my children and thanking God for how truly blessed I am to have three beautiful sons. I taught them to cook at a young age, so it is our holiday tradition to prepare dinner together. Normally we have music playing and cocktails being made with tons of jokes and laughter. On many occasions, we stop cooking for a moment and start dancing or grab the photo album and reminisce on the yesteryears.

— Anna Marie Hyde, 50, employee relations manager, mother of three, ages 31, 30 and 15

• • •

I love my boys more than life itself so all I really want is to live each day in that love. Crafts, a card, pictures, pancakes, whatever; I would cherish anything hand-made by my babies. Although I’d definitely be up for a deep cleaning in my house that I, of course, don't have to do myself.

— Jenna Zalkins, 28, stay-at-home mother of two, ages 3 and 8 months

• • •

All I really want is for my children and grandchildren to be happy in their lives and maybe a gun for anyone who makes them unhappy! Just kidding! Cards, phone calls and lots of presents wouldn’t hurt either!

— Laura Travell, 60ish, casino manager and mother of four children in their 40s

• • •

I would really like to spend the day with my kids since I don’t see them much anymore. It would be nice if they made me dinner and just spent some time with me.

— Jennifer J., 43, casino executive, mother of two, ages 19 and 24

• • •

My son is only 6 months old now so I can’t wait until he’s big enough to make homemade cards, macaroni necklaces and handprint paintings. But this year, a whole day without a screaming baby would be nice!

— Marisa Jimenez, 20, single stay-at-home mom of a 6-month-old

• • •

I am a single mom so anything homemade would be great. I love the little clay hand projects they make at school, but when they pick me flowers from the yard it really melts my heart.

— April Wright, 32, teacher, mother of two, ages 5 and 6

• • •

I’ve had a lot of focus on me since I’ve been pregnant, so I honestly can’t ask for anything more. However, because we have gotten so much for the boys already, and I’ve been working and going to school, it would be nice to have someone help organize and set up our home for their arrival. I would also like to be able to sleep on my stomach again.

— Adrienne Curayag, 35, deputy sheriff and mother of unborn twin boys

• • •

Although I could use a day to myself to spoil, shop and eat all alone, I can find the time to do that another day. For Mother’s Day, I want to be with my family. I wouldn’t mind waking up to a clean house with mopped floors, a handwritten letter or homemade card, and a day by the pool with bottomless margaritas and my favorite food. Even if it's a failed attempt, I’d take it.

— Angela Tanguay, 38, bank trainer, mother of a 15-year-old

• • •

Being the mother of two fur boys, I would love to have a day relaxing with a picnic in a park or on a beach with my husband and my two boys. I wish I had more time to kick back and play with them; I never seem to get enough of that.

— Michelle Tripi, 43, executive assistant, mother of two fur babies

• • •

What I really want for Mother’s Day is a nice hotel suite and a retreat to an all-day spa, relaxing and being pampered. I would love some time without the interruption of tiny feet running to the bathroom door, asking “Mommy are you done?” a million times. I focus so much on my girls that a day for myself would be perfect.

— Julie Johnson, 22, receptionist and mother of two, ages 4 and 1

5 Mother’s Day ideas for the thrill-seeking mom

Is this you? Every Mother’s Day you wait until the last minute, and then splurge on a bouquet of Gloriosas. Here are some gift suggestions for daredevil mothers who prefer adrenaline-stoked adventures to flower petals. And if you think it’s over-the-top for the lady, don’t forget that Father’s Day is just around the corner.

• Battlefield Vegas, $99 ­— $695.99: Answering the “Call of Duty” might mean cleaning baby food out of mom’s hair — or firing 4,000 rounds a minute. Combat fatigues take the place of mom jeans at Battlefield Vegas, where mom has access to one of the largest civilian arsenals of military-grade weaponry this side of Fallujah. Click here.

• Sky Combat Ace, $199 — $1,299: Here’s a chance to fly in — and sometimes take the controls of — an aircraft that performs barrel rolls and other extreme maneuvers. Experience dog-fighting moves while “attacking” other aircraft at 15,000 feet or set the gun sights on ground targets.Click here.

• The Lion Habitat Ranch, $800 for a four-hour experience: If mom can tame a couple of thrashing toddlers, how about getting inside a cage alongside lion trainers to help train, feed and bathe a retired MGM lion? This wildlife encounter, one of several options, gets mom as close as legally allowed to the King of the Jungle.Click here.

• Richard Petty Driving Experience, $99 ­— $2,699: Mom learned how to drive slow in the school zone; now let her experience the thrill of 600 horsepower at speeds of almost 165 mph as she blazes the track at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Package options range from riding shotgun for three laps to getting behind the wheel for 50 laps. Click here.

• Sky Jump Las Vegas, packages start at $109.99: So mom wants to get down quickly from the 108th floor of the Stratosphere? Attach her to a cable — think vertical zip line — and she’ll reach speeds of up to 40 mph as her body plummets the 855 feet to the bottom. Click here.

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