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January 20, 2018

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letter to the editor:

Don’t be fooled by liberal ploys

President Barack Obama, community organizer in chief, has decided to make wealth redistribution the capstone of his legacy, and his liberal minions are falling into line behind him.

They hope to scorn voters into forgetting about the Obamacare fiasco and the Benghazi, IRS and National Security Agency scandals, all losing issues for them. The remaining 2 1/2 years of the president’s term will be spent trying to confiscate more from the “rich” and hand it over to the “poor.”

Liberals, especially Saul Alinsky-ite community organizers, view any socioeconomic disparity as evidence of injustice. They attribute income gaps between CEOs and workers and between men and women, and wealth gaps between the “1 percent” and the “99 percent” to greed, gender bias, racism and “rigging the system.”

But there are obvious and not-so-obvious reasons for these disparities. The income gap between CEOs and workers is the direct result of cheap labor, but not cheap CEOs, in emerging economies. When the cost of Chinese labor reaches rough parity with American labor, American workers’ wages will rise again.

Research has proved that the income-gender gap is rooted in the priorities women often place on work and family. And a combination of personal choices and redistributionist government programs explains most differences in wealth.

Liberals don’t want a conversation on these issues. If you think differently, or if you think at all, they want to silence you. Russian Bolsheviks, too, believed in wealth redistribution and silencing “incorrect” speech. And their Soviet system of “compassionate” Communism destroyed untold wealth and human lives.

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