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July 19, 2018

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Letters to the Editor:

Don’t blame O.J. for verdict

Back when the O.J. Simpson murder story broke, I was initially of the opinion that he was surely guilty. Then I watched the trial. Unfortunately, due to a workplace injury, I was laid up for nearly three years and the trial was going on during that time period. I did not watch all of it, maybe 80-85 percent, but I missed little of what happened during the trial.

I watched the prosecution do a bang up job of bungling the entire case. The evidence was debunked by the defense attorneys at every turn. The prosecution floundered because of the terrible job the police had done in gathering the mountain of damning evidence.

For whatever reason, the detective who left the crime scene and went to Simpson’s home, jumped the fence and then found nearly all the evidence was later proven to be a racist in the first degree. All of the evidence came into question because of his actions.

Then it was proved that the police, in their rush to judgment, had ignored all other possible suspects and concentrated all their efforts on Simpson. It became clear that the police were slanted at best and probably were complicit in possible evidence mishandling or planting evidence to make their case against Simpson.

I changed my mind during the trial. I went from believing Simpson was guilty all the way to believing he might be innocent. Whatever you believe, I could have never voted guilty if I had been on the jury. There was just too much reasonable doubt raised by the defense attorneys.

Now, there are a whole bunch of pundits and commentators saying Simpson should be in jail for the rest of his life. I find it to be a case of memory loss or racism that is driving this vitriol. Maybe Simpson did commit the crime or maybe he did not, but one thing is for sure: The police and prosecution did a terrible job of trying to prove him guilty. Point your fingers where they should be pointed, not at the defense attorneys, or the jury. The crime will forever be unsolved because of the ineptitude of the establishment in Los Angeles.

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