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October 16, 2018

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Letters to the Editor:

Cuts affect all of us

As a student studying Environmental and Resource Science at Nevada State College, I do not feel that budget cuts in the Environmental Protection Agency, or other government agencies that protect our environment, are a smart and/or proactive decision to make for our country.

In fact, that decision can potentially set the stage for environmental disaster. The mission of the EPA is to protect both human and environmental health. As a nation, it is important to provide funding toward government agencies like the EPA because their purpose is to protect our lands from destruction, monitor our air and water for pollutants and make sure that industries are not freely dumping their waste into our environment.

EPA rules and regulations are set for a reason — to support the well-being of Americans and to protect the environment for future generations. Do we want to create a nation that does not care about our environment? Do we want to show future generations that it is OK to trash our ecosystems?

We all need water. We all eat the same food. We share the same land. It is extremely important to educate everyone, no matter their age, that EPA budget cuts open the possibility of an increase in environmental hazards. Remember, we only have one Earth to live on and one life to live. Do you really want to throw this all away?