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October 20, 2018

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Letters to the Editor:

Understanding Donald Trump

As a member in good standing with President Donald Trump’s “base,” I will endeavor to explain a few basic facts that the left just doesn’t seem to grasp, beyond the fact that he won the presidency, of course.

In response to Brian Greenspun (“Trump’s base isn’t getting the joke — it’s him,” Oct. 15, Las Vegas Sun): Brian, we don’t feel the president is “turning his ire” on us, but we do resent the media that distorts facts (fake news) or otherwise intentionally misinterprets his actions to fit their own narrative. Your column lacks any specificity, just a few unsubstantiated claims. For example, “Americans don’t want their presidents to lie constantly to the people.” No example was presented.

You seem to like a Republican, Bob Corker of Tennessee. I suspect your newfound respect for a conservative is based on the “feud” between Corker and Trump. How refreshing to see honest debate among members of a political party. I prefer this to the herd mentality of lockstep Democrats who would not dare to oppose their leadership.

Your characterization of Trump’s comments over NBC censorship is another clear example of the left’s failure to understand who Trump is and what he stands for. When any media outlet fails repeatedly to even fact-check its headlines before rushing to publish or broadcast, they deserve to lose their license. Relax. Trump isn’t serious. He is simply voicing the same frustration of his base when he wonders why a media outlet would rush to print something that might have been quashed with a simple phone call to a principal.

No, Mr. Greenspun, the president is not going to take away your NASCAR races. You should really try to understand that Trump is not a typical politician. His base understands. Do I like everything he says and does? Of course not. His base is not made up of fools, idiots or misguided zealots. Unless you make an honest attempt to understand this man, you will be shocked when his base re-elects him in 2020.

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