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October 19, 2019

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School district is in dire straits

On Aug. 13, the school year begins, short $68 million in funding.

That, with Eddie Goldman’s allegation that outgoing Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky pocketed thousands of dollars in additional retirement income and benefits, is a black eye on the entire administration and the school board.

If these problems were ongoing for years, did not other administrators have a duty to blow the whistle and not let the tax papers on the book?

Is it any wonder that morale of the teachers is destroyed? Their health trust fails to provide for their needs and more than 800 teachers are not coming back.

But, of course the group on top gets its share of the pie — taxpayers get lowered ACT standards, shortages of qualified teachers and a new superintendent who is going to make the school district No. 1.

There is reality in life as well as fantasy. You figure it out.