Las Vegas Sun

March 25, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Congress must stand up for us

It is a sad day in America when an evil, lawless man who disrespects the Constitution abuses his power while those in Congress do nothing to stop him.

The president made an unconstitutional move to revoke security passes of men of great valor who have kept our country safe through the years and may be called on for their expertise when needed by members of the CIA and FBI.

They have not lied to the American people as the president does continually. They have not divulged our national security information to Russia, as the president does. They have not given aid to our adversary, as the president did in Helsinki.

If Congress and the Senate will not act to defend the people of the United States against this self-serving autocrat, it is time to “drain the swamp” of these self-serving hypocrites.